15 Top Jewellery Style Tips

15 Top Jewellery Style Tips

How much jewellery is too much jewellery? Well, all of us have been collecting some unique pieces here and there but what makes simple jewellery stand out is the styling. 

If you are a hoarder you would find yourself guilty of owning a lot of jewellery but not being able to make use of it completely. The fact of the matter is, we are all guilty. 

Now, these knicknacks don’t deserve to just keep lying around and that is why we have decided to share 15 top jewellery style tips.

Consider Layering:  

From runways to viral Instagram reels, layering simple jewellery is everywhere. Honestly, it's so fun to keep trying different accessories together and see what goes with what. 

Put together an outfit and then you can decide what goes better with it, necklaces, earrings or just stacked rings.

Try incorporating contrasting yet complementing colours, textures and styles while keeping the tone uniform and you will be good to go.

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Earrings Make or Break the Look:

Accept it, the first thing that gets noticed is the earrings. But, most of the time we ignore them. Let’s not do that again and create a lasting first impression. 

You can either go for studs, ear cuffs or danglers depending on your OOTD. 

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Statement Jewellery for the Win:

Want to make a statement with your look? Get some statement jewellery and let it do the work for you.

The best way to do this is by pairing a bright-coloured earring or pendant with a basic black or white outfit. 

Check out the Golden Emerald Green Sphere Earrings to add some spice to your monotone outfits.

Maintain a Balance: 

No, we aren’t talking about maintaining a work-life balance because that just seems impossible at the moment. However, you can maintain a balance between your outfit and the accessories. 

What we mean is, that you will have to decide whether you want the outfit to be gazed at, or your stunning jewellery (we are guilty of the latter). But, you can always switch things up.

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One of the reasons why we love jewellery so much is that there are endless ways to how you can style it.

Running out of ME-TIME activities? Try this. Put on a random piece of clothing and try accessorizing it with the jewellery in a style you won’t usually do. Step out of your comfort zone. 

There ain’t a better option than the Golden Sparrow Stick Ear Cuffs to step out of your comfort zone.

Invest in Classic Pieces:

Trends are fun but they don’t last long. So, when you want to invest in jewellery, invest more in classic pieces and less in trendy ones. This should be the golden rule of accessorizing by now.

If you think you have enough classic ones, try to build your style and buy what resonates with it. 

These Silver Zircon Twinkling Hoop Earrings define timelessness to a T. You can also check out the silver earrings collection online.

Sentimental Jewellery Can be Stylish Too:

Jewellery make for great souvenirs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can choose to style it in a million different ways and make it look snazzy. 

The best way would be to layer it with modern jewellery and in no time you will find yourself looking all classy and chic. 

The Golden Delicate Evil Eye Ring is your #1 choice to pair with all your sentimental rings.

Rings Can Do All the Magic:

Rings are the most versatile piece of jewellery you can ever own. You can pair it with so many outfits without any second thoughts. 

When in doubt, get RINGS! 

 The Golden Twist & Turn Zircon Ring is made to suit all occasions and the looks you carry along.

Shop Some Bracelets:

If an elegant look is what you are opting for, we think the easiest way to do that is by pairing a dainty bracelet with a chic pendant. 

The best part? You don’t need a lot of jewellery tips to ace this minimal and elegant look.

Did someone say minimal bracelet? The Rose Gold Zircon Minimal Bracelet appeared.

Keep in Mind, Your Outfit:

Styling is work. And surely not an easy one. Your jewellery has to go well with the outfit you have picked up and complement it well. 

You can either decide on your outfit first and then dig into your jewellery collection to find the perfect piece or even vice versa. Whatever suits you. 

You can never go wrong with these Silver Pearl Buttercup Studs.

Pairing Necklaces According to Necklines:

The thing with necklaces is, they don’t sit well with all kinds of necklines. If not paired rightly, it might look absurd and unattractive. 

You should pair chokers with strapless, long chains with turtlenecks, dainty pendants with a small charm for off-shoulder dresses etc. 

The Silver Zircon Dual Heart Necklace with Link Chain is perfect for all your off-shoulder dresses. You can also check out the silver pendant collection online at GIVA.

Colourblock with Jewellery:

The best way to utilise coloured stone jewellery is by using it to create a colour block with your outfit. One instance would be to pair emerald green earrings or studs with a white pantsuit or any other all-white outfit. 

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Select Complementing Accessories: 

Your jewellery doesn’t have to be the only accessory you carry. Try adding a watch, for instance with your stacked beaded bracelets. This can be very well styled with an indo western or boho outfit.

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Don’t Go Overboard:

Layering doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. When layering multiple pieces it is really easy to go overboard with it. So, know when to stop. 

A key advice would be to only focus on one kind of jewellery at once. For instance, if you think necklaces are going well with a boho maxi dress you don’t require heavy earrings or layered rings.

Remember, too much of anything can be dangerous. Even jewellery. 

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There’s a Place for Every Jewellery:

Just like your outfits, your jewellery needs to resonate with the occasion. 

A minimal pendant is what you carry for an office meeting or a regular day out, dainty rings and earrings for a romantic date and that’s how you know you have got through Jewellery 101. 

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