10 Unique Personalised Gifts For Him And Her

10 Unique Personalised Gifts For Him And Her

The process of selecting the right gift for your loved ones may not be easy, particularly when one has to choose an item that will have to be cherished by the other person. So, we have a better way i.e. to choose unique personalised gifts for which anyone would like to spend their money.  The personalized gifts act as a special surprise for the people who receive it because they feel blessed to see that people care about their wishes and desires.

Below are ten creative gifts that people would cherish and remember always that those surprises were for them.

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For Him

1. Customised Bracelets 

Silver Custom True Love Cuff Bracelet 

For a man who loves accessories, a well-crafted customised bracelet with his initials or a special message carved on it will be more than appropriate. Each time he wears the bracelet, he is bound to be reminded of your good gesture and warm feelings towards him.

2. Scented Candles

Red Heart Valentine Candle Set of 2 

The scented candles with red shade are just perfect for men who love surprises.  Apart from being a surprise gift, these candles are crafted to hold a special value. You can call these a special gift for a special person. 

3. Classic Bands

Black Rhodium Classy Band For Him 

The classic bands for men are impossible to forget because they are best for men who love to wear rings. These are simple, classy & elegant, and give an amazing look matching the outfit. 

4. Monogrammed Cufflinks


A gift that stays forever

Monogrammed cufflinks are both stunning and classy, which makes them perfect when worn on formal occasions. –Choose something that he would like to wear or use and he will be always grateful for the extra work you put into it.

5. Personalised BBQ Grill Set


                                                Picture of BBQ grill set 

A Gift that Tells you a story

If he is a big fan of barbecuing, then having his own specialized BBQ set with his name or a witty tagline etched on it will be ideal. It is a useful gift that adds a unique touch and shows that his grill sessions would be even more enjoyable with this added twist.

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For Her

6. Custom Name Necklace

A delicate name necklace is an elegant and unique jewellery product she can use in her everyday wear. Picking the abbreviation of her name, her initials or any other preferable word can be the most unique gift she can receive. 

7. Personalised Bracelets


Make this a surprise gift for her and see how she will smile at this sweet gesture. These are crafted from silver, gold, or rose gold and can be designed as per her choice. In case you know about her desires, you can go with some particular customization. 

8. Custom Recipe Book


For her, a recipe book of her choice, be it from her favorites or filled with the secrets of the family and or her culinary adventures. Bring her name or a message personalized on the cover to make it as special as possible.

9. Engraved Jewellery Box


A jewellery box made with beautiful, a special date or a sentimental saying is not only an attractive home accessory, which is always necessary but also a great gift. It can be used to store her valuable gems where they are not mixed up with other irrelevant items.

10. Custom Star Map

Picture of Star Map

Gazing at the beautiful sparkling stars

Stargazing comes to life when a treasured date is immortalized on a custom star chart for an ‘anniversary’ or the moment you first ‘locked eyes’. You will be surprised how this unique and romantic gift will make her happy reminding her that you do still remember your special moments together.

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Show your love with the GIVA’s personalised Gifts 

GIVA’s Personalised Gifts are tailored personally to cut across the usual routine provoking a rather romantic feeling of how much you desire to be close to this somebody. For him, it may be different and for her what you can find, these ten adorable customized gifts list have items on every occasion. From necessary accessories such as bracelets and BBQ sets to sentimental souvenirs such as customized meteor showers and maps of the stars in the sky, the list of meaningful gifts continues on and on. In this case, it cannot be overemphasized that when you have the opportunity to tailor your gift. It means that you are not only giving a gift but also establishing a memory.

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