Things to Know About 925 Sterling Silver: How To Know If It's Fake?

Things to Know About 925 Sterling Silver: How To Know If It's Fake?

Jewellery is nothing less than a commitment, an investment in fact. The more you care for it, the longer it stays with you. However, we all need jewellery that is hassle free and easy to care for. This is when the 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery comes in frame. Now let’s start with knowing what Sterling Silver actually is. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals. Sterling silver is stronger and comes with much more amazing facts behind it.

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Amazing Things to Know About the 925 Sterling Silver

1. Easy to Maintain

First and foremost, the sterling silver jewellery is easy to maintain and is hassle free as compared to other jewellery. We’ll tell you how.

Amazing Things to Know About the 925 Sterling Silver

Jewellery made out of sterling silver is easy to clean. In fact, it can be cleaned with a lot of DIY or home remedies.
To extend your 925 silver jewellery's life, you can follow these tips:

  • Keep it dry to extend its life as much as possible.
  • Avoid moisture or sweat to keep it shining.
  • Store each sterling silver jewellery separately and not together to avoid friction.
The result of taking care of your sterling silver jewellery will always result in excellent shine.


2. Long Lasting

925 Sterling silver is made to last for long. This means that continuous use does not dull down its shine.
What Is 925 Sterling Silver & How To Know If It's Fake

Unlike many other cheaper options, sterling silver does not tarnish, hence increasing the longevity of the jewellery.

3. Easier on Skin

The Sterling Silver jewellery is always hypoallergenic and that makes it even better. This jewellery is rhodium coated and hence it is perfect for regular wear and tear.

sterling silver 925

Another reason why sterling silver is safe on skin is because it is devoid of any nickel which keeps it from harming the skin.

4. Durability

Sterling silver is far more stronger and durable. This is why it doesn’t tarnish quickly and can be worn daily without worrying about anything.

sterling silver benefits

Given the long lasting characteristic, the sterling silver is one of the most frequently used metal. This strength also allows the metal to be cast in a million different shapes and designs.

5. Lifetime Authenticity

Every sterling silver jewellery comes with a 925 authenticity and it is hallmarked as well. This number engraved on the silver is the major authenticity factor of the jewel.

GIVA: 925 Sterling Silver

The 925 marking also ensures that the sterling silver piece is a perfectly lasting investment. This number shows the purity of the silver.

6. Affordable

Many times, jewellery is actually more of a stress on mind because of how much you must’ve paid for it. But that is NOT the case with sterling silver. Sterling silver is a metal that is easy on the pocket. It is much more reasonable than gold or platinum, hence, making it a great investment. You can also checkout the silver nose pins and silver earrings for men collection at reasonable price.

7. Versatile

Sterling silver is one of the best students of the class of metals. It is an absolute all round metal that can be combined with other ones seamlessly. You must’ve seen silver jewellery in rose gold or gold, which is because of this versatility factor.

Sterling silver allows the creative liberty and hence when it comes to designs, the sky is the limit. In addition to this, sterling silver can easily be resized.

Now that you know EXACTLY why opting for sterling silver jewellery is the best option ever, what are you waiting for? Grab the best silver jewellery designs right NOW!

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