What Jewellery Should a Bridesmaid Wear?

What Jewellery Should a Bridesmaid Wear?

Jewellery for bridesmaids today is all about that epic fashion moment! There are myriad options to select from, be it minimal jewellery or something that looks a little gaudy but elegant at the same time. Designs seem to have piqued as well with really interesting perspectives. Bridesmaids are one of the many fun aspects of big fat Indian weddings, and with the changing scenarios of wedding fashion, it comes as no surprise why the taste of all the bridesmaids out there might be evolving as well!

So if you are one of the bridesmaids-to-be and still need some help in completing your looks for the various celebrations lined up that constitute the whole wedding phenomena, we are here to serve you with some inspiration!

Here are a few Jewellery Ideas for Bridesmaids

The Perfect Necklace

Weddings are a culmination of a lot of love coming together and forming a bond. As a bridesmaid, you have a very special role to play, hence every look you curate for the horde of functions lined up should be unique and memorable. That perfect necklace for Haldi can be the perfect start to all the wedding festivities! You can turn out to be the best-dressed bridesmaid in no time!
GIVA’s Rose Gold Sweet Love Necklace is made with a lot of love!

Earrings to Make You Look Even More Charming

If you are one of those minimal bridesmaids nowadays who like to keep it simple but never compromise on style, then some gorgeous earrings for your BFF’s cocktail night would be a perfect fit. Dresses in that perfect gown with just the right accessory would make you the star of the night!

GIVA’s Silver Deep Ocean Blue Heart Earrings are as deeply beautiful as the name suggests!

Final Touch with Rings!

As a bridesmaid, you are most likely to have lots of duties to do! Why not keep your get-up to a classy bare minimum but eye-catching enough to make everyone turn and look a second time? Rings are the most convenient and fan-favourite piece of jewellery. Be the bridesmaid who wears that stunning piece of ring that everyone remembers!

GIVA’s Rose Gold Promise Of Love Ring promises to be your best style partner ever!

Sets That Make You Look Alluring

Need just the right set for the reception night? Why not opt for a complete jewellery set that truly adds an alluring touch to your chic look? Nowadays jewellery trends are seeing a rapid veering towards minimal yet statement stone-encrusted sets that look perfect for an extravagant wedding-related function.

GIVA’s Triple Heart Charm Set is as dreamy as it gets!

Considering how weddings are never out of trend and you might be the bridesmaid for quite a few, why not be ready with the best! Take the best jewellery picks to look like the bridesmaid of the year!  If you are looking for a special occasion jewellery piece or something that you feel is appropriate for your everyday wear as well visit GIVA and buy rose gold jewellery online

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