We Need to Talk About Christmas 2021

We Need to Talk About Christmas 2021

Chunky sweaters pulled out, comfy quilts rolled on the sofa, spicy aroma of cakes and puddings, it has been starting to smell a lot like Christmas. Isn’t it? But we smell gifts. To be honest, jewellery gifts (winks). Nothing screams holiday season better than gifts but let’s face it, choosing gifts can seem like a challenging task to some of us. So, here are some of the Christmas jewellery gift ideas and a BONUS. 

Starting with Some Self-love

This Christmas treat yourself with some Christmas jewellery gifts for you have been the strongest version of yourself and grown into this beautiful soul. Now, what better way to thank yourself  than buying some personalised bling.
Need a little help with pampering yourself? Go, get this beauty for yourself!

Have a look at this Personalised Regalia Pendant with Link Chain which is handcrafted for the Queen that YOU are!

Earrings Must Do the Trick:

With jewellery gifts, there is so much to choose from. So it’s better to filter and sort your options. Now, if you are looking at silver earrings, listen up. Dangle OR studded drop earrings are your best bet. These are gift-appropriate and are sure to bring a wide smile to their faces. 

You can also opt for zircon earrings or studs to keep it minimal and basic. 

How do you get past these stunning Silver Zircon Halo Earrings, check them out ASAP!

Here’s a Thoughtful Gift Idea

With thoughtful gifts, it doesn’t always have to be a DIY or a printed picture or something else along those lines. Notice carefully. Do you see her in earrings more than often? Or is there a pendant that has stuck with her for long enough now? Maybe she is more into anklets and rings?
Grab this opportunity to gift her a jewellery piece that would symbolise your relationship. 

The Silver Zircon Flower Blossom Ring is the perfect gifting option for all the ring lovers out there. You can also check out the silver rings collection online.

Add a Special Touch

Looking for unique Christmas jewellery gifts? We got you covered. Opt for personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings, couple pendants, silver pendants, or engraved jewellery.  
Whatever you decide to go for, it’s a WIN. The couple pendants and personalized rings are a great gifting option for your significant other. 

We are crushing over these namesake rings. Grab them before they go out of stock!

Play Safe, Get Hoops

Hoops are a girl’s best friend when in confusion. So why not get them more? One can never have enough of those and it also makes for a great Christmas jewellery gifting option. 
Still, confused? There are a million options to choose from depending on the size, texture, colour, and other styles. 

Hoops are playing on a loop this holiday season. Especially the Golden Glam Hoop Earrings. Wanna explore it?


How do you talk about Christmas and miss out on surprises? So here is a little tip for you when you run out of gift ideas. 
With the holiday season, who wouldn’t approve of an amazingly scented bottle of delight? After jewellery, if there is something that could captivate her senses, it’s only a good fragrance. 
Now you know what to do, what to look for, and where to go when looking for festive appropriate gifting ideas. 

Check out The GIVA Heiress Perfume  which is sure to give festive appropriate vibes with those woody notes.

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