Unique Engagement Rings Under ₹5,000

Unique Engagement Rings Under ₹5,000

Engagement is a journey that begins with a simple yet profound gesture—choosing the perfect ring. It's about finding a symbol that encapsulates your love, commitment, and the promise of a future together. In a world where expressions of love are as diverse as the stories behind them, selecting an engagement ring that resonates with your unique bond is essential. 

Celebrate the beginning of your forever with our curated selection of unique engagement rings under ₹5,000. From the timeless elegance of silver to the meaningful designs adorned with zircons, discover how affordable rings can still sparkle with the luxury of love.

A Symbol of Sophisticated Love

Silver Exclusive Ring

The Silver Exclusive Ring makes this statement boldly with its central zircon-studded square motif, beautifully complemented by baguette-cut zircons on both sides. The band, adorned with zircons in two layers, adds a luxurious depth to the ring's design. This engagement ring for women stands as a testament to sophisticated love, offering an affordable yet lavish symbol of commitment. Ideal for the bride who treasures elegance and seeks a modern and timeless ring.

Geometric Glamour for the Contemporary Bride

Squares Ring

The Squares Ring features a zircon-studded square geometric pattern in a marriage of contemporary flair and timeless sparkle. The surrounding row of zircons and the uniquely wider shank at the front enhance its visual appeal, making it a standout choice for modern brides. This engagement ring encapsulates the beauty of geometric design, offering a chic symbol of love. It is perfect for women who admire minimalist design with an edge, making their engagement ring a reflection of their modern elegance.

Timeless Sparkle for a Deep Connection

Maia Ring

The Maia Ring, with its three rows of dazzling zircons, mirrors the depth and complexity of a lasting bond. Its seamless design and radiant sparkle capture the essence of a profound and enduring love. This engagement ring for women is more than just an adornment; it's a tribute to the layers of connection and shared experiences that form the foundation of a strong partnership.

A Heartbeat of Love Captured in Silver

Heartpulse Ring

Unique and deeply symbolic, the Heartpulse Ring features a design that mimics the rhythm of a heartbeat, studded with zircons. This engagement ring celebrates the life and love shared between partners, offering a daily reminder of the heartbeat that quickens at the thought of one another. It's a novel and romantic way to wear one's heart not just on one's sleeve but on one's finger. Ideal for those who cherish romantic symbolism and desire an engagement ring that tells a story of love as vivid as their own.

Nature's Elegance Encapsulated in a Ring

Pearl Fleur Ring

The Pearl Fleur Ring combines the purity of a central pearl with the delicate design of a floral pattern studded with zircons. This engagement ring evokes a sense of natural elegance and timeless beauty, making it a perfect choice for women who find inspiration in the natural world and its effortless grace. Perfect for the bride who sees her love story reflected in the timeless elegance of nature, this ring offers a piece of that eternal beauty.

Begin Your Forever with Unmatched Elegance!

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is crucial in celebrating your unique love story. GIVA’s unique engagement rings under ₹5,000 prove that elegance, style, and meaningful design aren't confined to a hefty price tag. 

Celebrate your engagement with a ring for women that resonates with your love story, and step into the future with sparkle, style, and a symbol of love that lasts a lifetime!
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