Understanding Different Types Of Gold Carats

Understanding Different Types Of Gold Carats

Gold is the symbol of wealth, power, and classic beauty, treasured throughout the eras. When we talk about gold, one of the first things that we think of is its purity that is measured in carats. But what exactly does this mean?

Gold carats tell us how much gold is present in the jewellery compared to other metal mixed in. The higher the carat, the purer the gold. In this blog, we’ll help you understand different gold karat - from the purest to more durable, and how to pick the right one. Whether you are purchasing your first gold jewellery or looking to add something new to your collection, knowing about gold carats is key!

What are Gold Carats?

Carats are the unit used to measure the purity of gold. Since pure gold is very soft for everyday wear, the carat system allows us to understand how much gold is mixed with other metals to enhance its strength and alter its colour. For instance, 18 carat gold is 75% pure gold. Understanding the concept of carats will help you choose jewellery that’s both beautiful and practical.

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The table below provides information on the purity, composition, and characteristics of each gold carat

Carat Purity (%) Alloy Composition Characteristics
14 K 58.3 Copper, Silver Ideal for daily wear
18 K 75 Copper, Silver Purity and Durability
22 K 91.7 Alloy Additives Suitable for Intricate Designs
24 K 99.9 Pure Gold Best for Investment

Types of Gold Carats

A symbol of purity and luxury!
A symbol of purity and luxury!

24K Gold - Pure Elegance

24 carat gold purity percentage 99.9%. It is the purest form of gold that is very soft, malleable, and has a deep, rich yellow colour. While its softness makes it less ideal for everyday wear, it is perfect for special occasions or investment purposes.

Where traditions meet classic beauty
Where traditions meet classic beauty

22K Gold Rich Tradition

22 carat gold purity percentage is about 91.67%, and is slightly more durable than 24K. It still has a deep yellow colour and is a prized possession in many Indian cultures for wedding jewellery. It has a good balance between purity and functionality.

Blending durability with a touch of luxury
Blending durability with a touch of luxury


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18K Gold Versatile Elegance

18 carat gold purity percentage is 75%, and is a popular choice for those who are looking for a perfect balance between purity and practicality. Its alloy composition allows it to be used in a variety of colours like white, rose, and traditional yellow gold.

18k gold depicts jewellery luxury in budget. You can style it up for party looks or an important meeting. It is the perfect choice for people suffering from metal allergies. It’s bright yellow colour also makes it perfect for engagement rings.

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Stylish yet durable for everyday elegance
Stylish yet durable for everyday elegance

14K Gold - Everyday Durability

14 carat gold purity percentage is 58.3%, and offers excellent durability and a beautiful, subtle gold colour. It’s ideal for jewellery for daily wear, making it a popular choice mainly in the U.S. and Europe.

Find your perfect 14k gold jewellery design for everyday fashion

Affordable yet attractive choice, offering great value
Affordable yet attractive choice, offering great value

10K Gold - Affordable Quality

10 carat gold contains 41.7% gold, making it the most durable and affordable gold jewellery option. It is a great choice if you’re looking for something that handles wear and tear well like rings and bracelets.

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Pros and Cons of Different Gold Carats

Finding the right gold karat involves considering the proportion between purity, durability, and cost. Higher carat golds have more purity and a rich gold hue but are softer and more prone to wear and tear.  While, lower carat golds are stronger and more affordable but have less gold content in it, which may affect their hypoallergenic properties and colour.

How to Choose the Right Gold Carat for You

While choosing the right gold jewellery for yourself, start by thinking about when and where you'll wear it. 

  • A high-carat gold like 24k, 22k, and 18k is great for special occasions or weddings. 
  • A low-carat gold like 14k and 10k is good for everyday jewellery because they're stronger.

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Making Your Golden Choice with GIVA

Gold jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a personal statement. It's a treasure that becomes an heirloom. Whether you choose the pure brilliance of 24 carat or the robust charisma of 10K, each gold piece offers something unique. 

At GIVA, we bring to you a diverse gold jewellery collection that is made to offer something for everyone. every design in our collection will add sparkle to your look. So, visit GIVA and choose the one that speaks to your style!
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