Understand Your Girlfriend Better With These Non-Verbal Cues

Understand Your Girlfriend Better With These Non-Verbal Cues

We have complex ways of expressing ourselves. Sometimes gestures can be hard to understand, especially for those who might not be as in tune with non-verbal communication. And women and their non-verbal communication can be so confusing! Let us decode eight common gestures and connect them to behavioural psychology. And who knows, by the end of this, you might even be inspired to buy some jewellery for that special woman in your life.

Playing with her hair can mean she is being playful or is anxious

Twirling Her Hair

When a woman twirls her hair, it could be a sign that she is feeling flirty or playful. It's a subconscious way of drawing attention to herself and showing off her feminine charm. This gesture could also be a sign of anxiety as twirling the hair can be a self-soothing mechanism. If your woman is twirling her hair, consider getting her a statement ring that will draw attention to her neckline or face and add to her confidence.

Soften your conversation if you notice her crossing her arms

Crossed Arms

When someone crosses their arms, it could be a sign that they are feeling defensive or closed off. Crossing one’s arms is a way of creating a physical barrier between oneself and the world. If your woman is crossing her arms, consider getting her a bracelet or bangle that can be a reminder to open up and let love in.

Reassure her if she touches her neck very often in your conversations

Touching Her Neck

When someone touches their neck, it could be a sign that they are feeling vulnerable or nervous. The neck is a vulnerable area of the body, and touching it can be a way of providing comfort and reassurance. If your girl is touching her neck, consider getting her a delicate necklace or pendant that can be a symbol of protection and strength.

Playing with jewellery can mean she is confident

Playing with Jewellery

When a woman fiddles with her jewellery, it could be a sign that she is feeling confident and proud. Playing with jewellery can be a way of expressing one's individuality and creativity. Make a note if your woman plays with her jewellery the next time you both are having a conversation and consider gifting her a statement necklace that reflects her unique personality.

A smile is loads of happiness in a single gesture


It is not a cliché when men say, “I’d do anything to make you smile” because when a woman smiles, it is a sign that she is happy and content. Smiling is a way of expressing positive emotions and connecting with others. If your lady is smiling, consider getting her a rose gold ring or a pair of silver earrings that can be a reminder of the joy and happiness she brings to your life.

Turn that frown upside down


When a woman frowns, it could be a sign that she is feeling sad or upset. But it could also mean that she is in deep thought about something that is bothering her. Frowning is a way of expressing negative emotions and seeking comfort and support. If you catch her frowning often, get her a pair of silver anklets to raise her spirits and be a symbol of strength and resilience.

Help her cope with stress

Biting Her Lip

When a woman bites her lip apparently in deep thought, it could be a sign that she is feeling nervous or anxious. Biting the lip is a way of channelling nervous energy and coping with stress. If your woman is biting her lip, consider getting her a ring or bracelet that can be a reminder to stay grounded and focused.

Know when she needs reassurance

Touching Her Face

If your woman touches her face often, it could be a sign that she is feeling self-conscious or vulnerable. Touching the face can be a way of reassuring herself and in some cases, it could be a sign of embarrassment. Reassure her with a heart pendant necklace that will build her confidence.

Understand your girlfriend’s body language to know what’s on her mind. Be it twirling her hair, crossing her arms, touching her neck or face or smiling, you can pick on the non-verbal cues and gift her jewellery that will boost her confidence.

Disclaimer: The above analysis is based on observation and commonly known facts. Body language can be influenced by many factors including cultural background, personal experiences, and individual quirks. Approach the analysis of body language with caution and consider it as only one aspect of understanding a person's communication.

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