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Top 5 Diwali Jewellery Trends to Rock in 2023

The Diwali season is knocking at our doorsteps with its festive zest. A season when each corner of your home is sprinkled with fairy dust, and the air with the scent of festivities, love, and a hint of FOMO. Ah, Diwali! The time of year when the 'gram is flooded with ‘lit’ selfies and mouth-watering sweets.

While we are all for the delightful mithai and musical nights, let's be real; the festival is also your runway to flaunt those statement jewellery. So, in this blog, we are going to explore top 5 Diwali jewellery trends in 2023.

Golden Raven Black Evil Eye Bracelet
Where gold meets glamour

All Things Gold

When Diwali's golden glow meets your jewellery box, magic unfolds. Heirloom treasures or newly acquired pieces, gold is the forever go-to during the festive season. Its precious allure complements every traditional attire, and yes, it adds a certain Midas touch to your appearance.

For a glam look would call for a subtle statement like our Golden Raven Black Evil Eye Bracelet. The matching textured gold is all the drama you need!

Gold Calm Cascade Diamond Ring
Shine bright, it's Diwali!

A Dash of Diamonds

Diamonds, the eternal companions to your festive sparkle! Diwali is the time when these shimmering stones can be subtly flaunted or brilliantly brandished. Why just glow with the diyas when you can shine brighter?

For those whose outfits are already stealing the show, just a hint of sparkle is required. Enter the Gold Calm Cascade Diamond Ring: twisted design, three-layered elegance, and diamonds making a prized appearance.

Melodic Musli Convertible Earrings
Blooms that never wilt

Flower for Every Girl

Floral motifs, a symbol of freshness, reimagined and redefined! These are not your grandma's flower-inspired pieces but audacious reinterpretations. Taking centre stage is the Melodic Musli Convertible Earrings. With three distinct ways to wear them, these rose gold wonders, studded with zircons and musli flower motifs, are nothing short of a festive dream.

Silver Royal Blue Pendant
The colour carnival of Diwali

Add Colour to The Festivities

Gemstone magic, anyone? They’re more than just stones. They're stories, moods, and an explosion of festive hues. A splash of ruby or emerald and voilà, you’re the living embodiment of Diwali fireworks. Speaking of colourful magic, a Silver Royal Blue Pendant is the stuff of legends. Square cut, surrounded by zircon glory, it's a piece that whispers elegance while screaming festivity.

Silver Art Deco Set
Modern musings for a traditional festivity

Geometric Glamour

2023 is all about shapes and patterns. Geometry is no longer confined to maths textbooks but is now the trendsetting theme in jewellery. Modern lines, sharp edges, and the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. Take, for instance, the Silver Art Deco Set: Parisian elegance, geometric patterns, peri enamel, and zircons.

To sum it up, 2023's Diwali jewellery trends are all about embracing the classic and mingling it with the contemporary. Each piece tells a story, weaving the tale of traditions, festivities, and modern-day charm.

At GIVA, we bring to you an iconic fine jewellery collection that highlights the best craftsmanship in each jewellery design. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect jewellery for women that’ll light up your Diwali!

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