Tips to Slay your Jewels

Tips to Slay your Jewels

Jewels are the instant oomph, the x-factor, the shining element of any outfit. Jewellery adds the glam that simply the outfit alone just can’t. However, it’s not too difficult to miss out on the glam factor by missing out on some jewellery essentials. 

So we bring you some tips to stay on point with your jewellery game and dress fabulous

Create Layers

The easiest and the most fun way to amp up any look within seconds is to layer up. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings, you can layer your hearts out.

Mix and match the shapes, experiment with colors and patterns and create layers like a breeze. Play around with the necklace lengths or combine hoops and studs for the multi piercing look. In short, when it comes to layering, the sky's the limit.

Define a Focal Point

Do you want to brighten up your outfit or do you want your necklace to shine? Decide it prior.

Another way to slay the look is deciding a focal point of the whole look and building around that. One simple way to understand this is, if your outfit is bold and chunky, dainty jewellery will complement it the best.

Whereas if you are going for big and bold earrings, a subtle necklace would look best with it.

Necklace that Matches the Neckline

A less heard of but a very important tip right here is to go for the necklace or pendant that matches the neckline of your top.

For deeper necklines, it is suggested to go for long necklaces like y-drop, etc. while for strapless, choker works the best. This tip always works, no matter what! So go ahead, try it out.

Earrings are VERY crucial

No matter what the look, never skip earrings. With this tip you will slate the outfit effortlessly, for earrings add a depth to the outfit and make it look complete.

Earrings bring together the whole outfit without doing much. So DIVAs make it a gospel rule never to skip earrings.

Dress for the Occasion

The most important way to slay the look is by dressing up for the occasion you are going to. Right jewellery for the right event can take up your fabulous quotient within seconds.

Even though not many rules are in place when it comes to dressing up, keeping this little thing in mind is always a plus.

Don’t Overdo

While dressing up, it is very easy to go over the top. However, it is one thing that needs to be avoided. You need to know when to stop while getting dressed.

Even though experimenting with the jewellery and looks is all fun, do not go overboard because that may make you look gaudy.

Ditch All The Rules

The final tip is The golden rule. When it comes to dressing up and accessorizing, rules are just placeholders. The most important thing is to channel YOUR vibe and embrace YOUR style.

Experiment with what works best for you and expresses you the best because nothing defines you better than your own style. So DIVAs, why the wait?!
Dress up, accessorise, slay! You are born to be the fabulous best of yourself.

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