The Meaning Behind Flower-Inspired Jewellery

The Meaning Behind Flower-Inspired Jewellery

Woman wearing flower-inspired jewellery set
Bloom every day with flower-inspired jewellery!

Flowers are not just pretty creations that you put in a vase. They are also powerful symbols of beauty, love, and life. And what better way to express these sentiments than by wearing them as jewellery?

Flower-inspired jewellery is not a new trend. It has been around for centuries, from ancient Egypt to Victorian England. But it is fashionable today, as more and more people are drawn to the natural charm and elegance of floral designs. So, if you simply want to brighten up your day, flower-inspired jewellery is the way to go!

Rose Gold Flower Basket Set
A floral fantasy

Rose Gold Flower Basket Set

If you want to make a statement and impress everyone with your style, why not try a flower-inspired jewellery set? This rose gold flower basket set features a necklace, earrings, and a ring, all in a stunning flower basket design. The necklace has a pendant with a basket full of flowers, while the earrings and the ring have matching flower motifs.

Style it up with a formal outfit like a gown or a suit, or with a festive outfit like a lehenga or an anarkali. It will add a touch of glamour and charm to your look and make you feel like royalty.

Minimal Flower Diamond Ring
A ring that's petal-perfect!

Minimal Flower Diamond Ring

Add some subtle and sweet flair to your fingers with a 14k gold minimal flower diamond ring featuring a simple yet elegant flower design with a round-cut diamond in the centre. It is sleek, modern, and minimalist, and can suit any hand shape and size.

You can wear it with any outfit, whether it is casual, formal, or festive. It will add a touch of elegance and beauty to your look and make you feel confident and classy.

Pin up in style

Rose Gold Flourish Brooch

Integrate flair and personality to your outfit with the rose gold flourish brooch that has a gorgeous flower design with petals that curl and twist in an artistic way. It is made of rose gold and embellished with cubic zirconia stones that shimmer like stars.

You can wear it on your lapel, collar, scarf, or hat, or even on your bag or belt. It will add a touch of creativity and style to your look and make you feel unique and fashionable.

Rose Gold Flourish Brooch
Add flair to your look with a flourish brooch!

Oxidised Silver Sunflower Bracelet

Get your wrist some fun and colour with an oxidised silver sunflower bracelet featuring a chain of sunflower charms that are bright and cheerful. It is made of oxidised silver that gives it a vintage and rustic look.

Spice it up a bohemian outfit like a maxi dress or a skirt, or with a summer outfit like shorts and a top. It will add a touch of happiness and optimism to your look and make you feel lively and joyful.

Bloom like a flower with GIVA!

Flower-inspired jewellery is a great way to express yourself and your mood. Whether you want to be elegant, glamorous, playful, or creative, there is a flower-inspired jewellery piece for you.

At GIVA we bring to you a gorgeous fine jewellery collection made with love to reflect your true self. Shop now and bloom like a flower with GIVA!

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