The Complete Guide on How To Clean and Care for Pearls

The Complete Guide on How To Clean and Care for Pearls

They often say that Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what they don't talk about is how there is a large section of women who are truly, madly, deeply in love with the ethereal beauty of pearls! Pearls have a certain charm of their own that cannot be replaced! Just like every other piece of jewellery you own and how they need some distinct special care to last for a longer time with their shine and lustre intact, pearls require the same care too.
The good news is, that taking sufficient care of your pearls isn’t rocket science, all you need to do is take good care of pearls, right at home.

Here Are Few Caring Tips for Pearl Jewellery:

1. Know the order of wearing and taking off your pearls

You will be surprised to know, but the order in which you wear or take off your pearls is extremely important for taking good care of them. Always make sure pearls are the last thing you wear after getting dressed and spraying your perfume, putting on your makeup, or using a lotion if necessary. Similarly, it is the first thing that you should take off before you get undressed as well. This is to ensure that you don’t put any scratches on your pristine pearls with clothes brushing against them or chemicals coming in contact with them.

2. How to Clean Pearl Jewellery?

Usually, people recommend using a soft chamois cloth for cleaning any dirt, oil, or perspiration that might have come in contact while you were wearing your pearls. Always make sure to clean your pearl jewellery before putting it away in a box. Prolonged cases of not cleaning your pearl jewellery also result in it getting tarnished and losing its luster.

Do Not Wear Pearls In Water or While Being a Part of Any Sports

Two of the most important factors to keep in mind while taking care of pearls is - never to wear them when you are off swimming or maybe at the beachside. Pearls should never be submerged in water as it severely affects their quality. Sports activities are also not good for pearls as they may absorb the perspiration and that would hinder their quality.

Proper Storage Is Necessary

Like your other jewellery collections where you can keep them together in a box or a jewellery rack, pearls are best to be kept aside in a soft encasing. Either make use of chamois cloth or a silk or cotton box where you can store your pearls. Avoid using any plastic bags or pouches as plastic tends to release a chemical that is very harmful to pearls. Keeping pearls in a separate box also helps in avoiding any kind of scratches.

Always Keep Pearls In a Cool Place

Pearls should never come in direct contact with heat as it leads to discoloration of them. They should be stored safely in a cool place for a long-lasting shine. Extreme heat and accompanying UV rays can cause serious tarnishing of pearls and then eventually lead to cracking or breakage.

Pearls are extremely delicate and hence they need proper handling as well. These are some basic tips for pearl jewellery care that will help you enjoy wearing them for a longer time. Looking for the perfect shopping destination to buy those gorgeous pearls? GIVA’s Pearls Collection is one of a kind and you should check it out for sure!

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