2023 Colour of the Year: Very Peri Jewellery – GIVA

2023 Colour of the Year: Very Peri Jewellery – GIVA

Colours have their way of impacting our moods and leaving a splash of dilemma all over our fashion charts! Every year, Pantone comes up with a colour palette for the year that is seen making its presence felt across runways and myriad designer wear collections. This year, just like the previous ones gone by, started off with the veritable question of - what is the colour of the year, for every fashion enthusiast! And before long the announcement was made widespread with the chosen periwinkle shade of the year - the very peri colour!

This violet-blue hue is an extremely pleasing colour tone that will be ruling the wardrobe of all fashion lovers. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but this subtle pastel shade has a very thought-provoking emotion attached to it. It is the harbinger of a certain newness and happiness into your lives. As we all know fashion trends rarely go by without any primal explanations - it comes as no surprise that at a time of tumultuous happenings, this colour has been chosen by experts to be our favourite stroke for the year 2022.

Just like outfit selection is the first step to dressing up how you wish to, one befitting to your style, picking the right jewellery is the perfect way to round off that look you so animatedly curated with so much excitement. The perfect jewellery on very peri colour outfits might be easier to choose than you anticipated it to be! 

Here are some recommendations to help you find some perfect jewellery styles for the colour of the year!


Sometimes all you need is just the right elegant pendant that would round off your look with absolute finesse! Go for a round neck very-peri coloured ribbed midi dress and wear a minimal silver necklace to give an even more ethereal touch to this very peri styling colour that makes your look of the day stand out!

GIVA’s Silver Leafy Elegance Necklace is the perfect touch of nature, craftily embedded in a jewellery design to complement your very-peri look!


Often when you have to rush out for some important work, dressing up stylishly is the last thought on your mind. But it is always great to have that one go-to piece that pretty much complements all your looks! For such a fan-favourite colour like very peri, a pair of rose gold studs would add a magical touch to your outfit. Go for a formal look with a high neck very-peri coloured bodycon dress and layer it with a beige overcoat, finish off your look with a pair of gorgeous rose-gold studs that will be an absolute head-turner.

GIVA’s Rose Gold Bed Of Roses Studs are the perfect rosy touch to your subtly-hued outfit!


They say all good things in life need to have a ring put on them! With the colour of the year making its presence felt, we say you got to have that perfect ring in your jewellery collection that makes this coloured outfit - the centre of attraction! A blingy ring with the perfect balance of elegance and style ought to be paired with a look as casual as a Very-Peri frill top with baggy jeans!

GIVA’s Silver Floral Charmer Ring will be in the limelight as far as classy ring choices are being discussed!


Finding the perfect dazzling bracelet that fits right into the mood of a colour as subtly magical as Very-peri is indeed worth mentioning! This shade is perfect for a dreamy flowy gown for a special date night, with the perfect rose-gold bracelet to go with it! Nothing says romance like a pastel-hued outfit and a rose-gold piece of jewellery to go with it!

GIVA’s Rose Gold Floral Lover Bracelet is all things love, just like its name!

The Very-Peri colour of the year has been garnering a lot of attention ever since it was declared to be a top choice in every designer’s colour palette for 2022. Rightfully so, because it is indeed a dreamy colour that looks refreshing and extremely soothing!

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