Stud Earrings- A Jewellery Box Must Have

Stud Earrings- A Jewellery Box Must Have

If there’s one thing that can make your beloved jewellery box complete, it is the stud earrings. There’s no dearth of days when you want to go basic and still slay. On those days, your good old friends, studs, always have your back.

However, when it comes to studs, a whole new world opens up in terms of designs, finish and whatnot. 

Here are the must-have styles of studs that you need in your jewellery box right now-


A good basic look goes a long way and hence it is only natural to start with the basics. These studs always complement every outfit with ease. There’s no going wrong with a basic stud design.

Take, for example, these Silver Pearl Tiny Studs. These little beauties will take any outfit from 1 to 10 within seconds. So minimal lovers, what are you waiting for now?!


If it’s small, it doesn't mean it cannot be cute and quirky. As a matter of fact, little studs have a lot of scope of experimentation. Therefore, do not miss out on the cute little designs at any cost, for they will add a fun element to your look.

Now look at these Silver Charming Monkey Earrings and the Golden Lightning Bolt Studs. Yes, we get it, hard to disagree right and even harder to decide which one you want!


When you look like a vision, the mic drop moments always come in your kitty. Accentuate those moments with drop stud! Drop studs are minimal and yet made to stand out because of the unique design. They consist of a tiny stud with a drop element.

Silver Flower Drop Pearl Studs are one example of the perfect kind of drop studs. These are also a perfect balance of silver with pearl, making it even more special.

Semi Hoops

These kinds of studs are the most quirky and interesting of them all. They are hoops but in a stud way. From the front, they give an illusion of being a small baali as it curves in the same way, whereas at the back it is secured with a stopper in the form of a stud. 

These Golden Eye Semi Hoops are a perfect example of this type and in fact, a perfect option to go for too.


Cuffs are the edgy version of studs. A bit bolder, a bit bigger, these studs are made to add that extra oomph to YOUR look. They cover the entire ear and are easily noticeable that makes them stand out as well.

The Silver Zircon Soaring Wing Earrings are a perfect example of how edgy and amazing the cuffs can be.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a staple for any jewellery box and when it comes to studs having rose gold studs is only a basic need. These classic beauties always have your back on those uncertain days and will never let you down as they will match each of your moods and vibes. 

These Rose Gold Studded Heart Earrings are one such classic piece that would never let you down. Take them for a spin and you will know.


Who does not love a little bit of extra shine and bling. For those times, gemstones always come handy. Gemstone studs are made to enhance your look within seconds.

Just like these Silver Royal Blue Sharp Stud Earrings that are a quirky yet classy addition to any jewellery box. 


After all the shiny and bling designs, having one rustic staple oxidised piece is a must. That is why the oxidised studs are a must-have. These studs add an old-school touch to the outfit and are a true classic. 

Go for a bit of traditional Oxidised Silver Charm earrings or quirk up with Oxidised Silver Seashell Studs, the choices are umpteen. We bet by now you know which studs are missing in your jewellery box. Get them now and complete your collection right away! You can also check out the collection of silver stud earrings online.

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