5 Ways to Wear Your Jewellery Uniquely

Are you tired of wearing your jewellery the same old way? Would you like to experiment with what you already own? We at GIVA have experimented with many wacky ways of styling jewellery that have been admired by our colleagues and friends. We’ll let you in on some alternative ways we wear jewellery that you may not have thought of before.

The Bracelet Necklace

Yes, you read that right. The neck bracelet. This is a great way to take a simple bracelet and turn it into a statement piece. Just wrap the bracelet around your neck like a choker and secure it with a clasp or a knot. You can also layer multiple bracelets for a more dramatic look. Link a couple of bracelets to get a longer necklace for a long necklace or wrap it twice around your neck for that layered look.


The Necklace Belt

This is a playful way to enhance your look. Choose a necklace that is long enough to wrap around your waist. A thin chain or a rope-style necklace would be perfect for this. Simply thread the necklace through your belt loops like you would a regular belt. Adjust the length to your liking and secure the clasp in the front or on the side to accentuate your waistline. You can link more than two necklaces to fit your waist loosely and let the rest of the chain dangle stylishly to the side.

Not only will this unconventional accessory make a statement, but it's also a great way to repurpose jewellery that you may not wear often.

The Anklet Bracelet

Are you looking for a fun and stylish way to accessorise your wrist? Why not wear an anklet as a bracelet? It may sound quirky, but trust us, it's a great way to add individuality to your everyday look. This can be worn with any outfit – from casual jeans and a tee to a chic summer dress. To pull off this look, simply wrap the anklet around your wrist and adjust it to fit comfortably. You can also mix and match different anklets to create a unique and personalised bracelet stack. So go ahead and give it a try, let your creativity run wild!

The Ring Pendant

If your favourite ring no longer fits you or is not in vogue anymore, you can still own it. Wear it as a pendant on a chain! This unique style will add an element of fun to your outfit. It's like giving your jewellery a second chance at life! Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different chains and rings to find the perfect combo. Who knows, you may even start a trend among your friends!

The Earring Maang Tikka

Why not try wearing your chandbali earring as a maang tikka? It's a playful and unique way to add some extra sparkle to your look! To rock this style, select a pair of handball earrings with a long chain or a hoop attached to them. Take the earring and gently clip it onto your hair near your temple. Then, bring the chain or hoop up over your head and secure it into your hair at the centre of your forehead.

Voila! You now have a stunning maang tikka that's sure to turn heads. Have fun and enjoy your new look!

Glam up with pieces you already own and style them in a unique way to suit your style. Be it a bracelet necklace, a necklace belt, an anklet bracelet, a ring pendant or an earring tikka, don’t be afraid to experiment and start a new trend!

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