Don’t let the monsoons rain on your fashion statement!

Rainy Season Style: How to Wear Jewellery and Stay Chic

The rainy season is upon us, bringing with it a delightful combination of rain showers and refreshing greenery. While we may be tempted to stash away our precious jewellery during this wet weather, we'll give you reasons why not to. In this blog, we'll share some valuable tips and tricks for wearing jewellery during the rainy season, allowing you to keep your style game strong, rain or shine. Let's dive in!

Wear jewellery that do not tarnish in the rain

Embrace Waterproof Materials

When it comes to jewellery during the rainy season, opt for materials that can withstand moisture. Look for waterproof options such as silver, silicone, stainless steel, or enamel-coated pieces. These materials not only repel water but also minimise the risk of tarnishing, rusting, or discoloration caused by raindrops.

Layer your jewellery for a fresh and classy look

Layer with Delicate Pieces

While chunky jewellery might not be ideal during the rainy season, you can still create stunning looks by layering with delicate pieces. Combine thin necklaces with subtle pendants, stack delicate rings, or wear lightweight bracelets for a touch of elegance. The key is to keep it simple, allowing your layered jewellery to make a statement without feeling weighed down.

Draw attention to your face with statement earrings

Opt for Statement Earrings

When it's raining outside, it's time to let your earrings steal the show! Statement earrings are a fantastic choice during the rainy season. They draw attention to your face and can uplift any outfit, even on gloomy days. Look for lightweight options made from materials like resin, acrylic, or coated metals, ensuring they can handle a bit of moisture without losing their charm.

Let your hands do the talking!

Stay Minimal with Rings

While it's tempting to wear multiple rings, it's wise to keep it minimal during the rainy season. Excessive moisture can cause rings to slip off more easily. Opt for one or two rings, ideally made of silver or stainless steel. This way, you can rock your favourite rings worry-free, even if caught in a sudden downpour.

Use a soft cloth to wipe your jewellery

Dry and Store Properly

After venturing out in the rain, it's crucial to dry your jewellery thoroughly to prevent any long-term damage. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any moisture and store your pieces in a dry place. Consider using small pouches or zip-lock bags to add an extra layer of protection from humidity when not in use. And if your jewellery does get tarnished, turn to GIVA. GIVA offers lifetime re-plating for all silver jewellery.

Rain or shine, your jewellery can still shine bright during the rainy season. By choosing waterproof materials, embracing delicate layers, and protecting your pieces with simple tricks like clear nail polish, you can rock your favourite accessories without compromising style or quality. Don't let a little rain dampen your spirit—let your jewellery add a touch of glamour to your rainy-day ensembles!

So, go ahead and conquer the rainy season with confidence, knowing that you're equipped with the knowledge to keep your jewellery stylish and well-protected.

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