Matching Your Saree with Oxidised Silver Necklaces

Matching Your Saree with Oxidised Silver Necklaces

The saree, an emblem of Indian tradition and elegance, pairs beautifully with the distinct charm of oxidised silver necklaces. These necklaces, with their antique finish and intricate designs, add a layer of depth and sophistication to the saree's vibrant beauty. 

Whether it's a casual day out or a grand festive celebration, an oxidised silver jewellery pick is a perfect accessory to compliment your saree, creating a look that's both timeless and modern. Explore 5 oxidised silver necklaces that are promising to accentuate your saree with unparalleled grace and style.


Token of Purity and Grace

Pichwai Lotus Necklace

The Pichwai Lotus Necklace brings the serene beauty of lotus ponds to your attire. Its oxidised silver finish, combined with enamel work and pearl accents, makes it a versatile piece for both traditional and contemporary sarees. Style this necklace with a white or light blue saree to mimic the tranquil waters of its inspiration. The lotus motif resonates with purity and rebirth, making this oxidised silver necklace an emblem of new beginnings.


Three Layers of Historical Elegance

Urban Alchemy Necklace

This Urban Alchemy Necklace is a masterpiece of geometric patterns and enamel detailing, illustrating the fusion of ancient art with modern design. It’s ideal for the woman who loves her saree with a twist of contemporaneity. Pair this necklace for women with a geometrically patterned saree or a simple, elegant chiffon saree in monochrome shades to highlight its intricate design. It’s a tribute to the modern woman's connection to her roots while confidently striding into the future.


Sophisticated Charm

Vintage Torque Necklace

Embrace the grandeur of the past with the Vintage Torque Necklace, featuring three layers of oxidised silver, enamel, and zircons. This necklace for women who adore the allure of antiquity can transform a simple saree into a statement piece. Its design complements rich, traditional sarees like Banarasi or Kanjeevaram, adding a regal touch to special occasions. The torque necklace is a celebration of strength and beauty, echoing the timeless spirit of oxidised silver jewellery.


Delicate Whispers

Millefleur Necklace

The Millefleur Necklace, adorned with floral charms and pearls, is a homage to the enchanting meadows of spring. Its delicate craftsmanship in oxidised silver pairs beautifully with pastel sarees or those with floral prints, bringing a fresh and youthful vibe to the traditional saree. This necklace is for women who prefer a subtler yet impactful addition to their ensemble, representing femininity and growth.


Love Story Woven in Stars and Dreams

Moon Heart Pendant

The Moon Heart Pendant, with its captivating design of a crescent moon cradling a heart, brings a touch of whimsy and romance to your saree look. It's perfect for evening events where the oxidised silver can gleam under the moonlight. Pair this enchanting pendant with a saree in shades of night - navy, black, or deep purples - to fully embrace its celestial theme. 

Embrace Tradition with Oxidised Silver Necklace!

The perfect saree look is incomplete without the right accessories, and our oxidised silver necklaces offer just the right blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. 

Every oxidised silver jewellery is designed to enhance your saree, making every occasion memorable. Explore GIVA’s perfect necklace for women looking to infuse their traditional attire with a touch of modern sophistication!
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