Less is more!

Less is More: Tips for Selecting Minimalist Jewellery for Work

Looking to upgrade your workwear but don't want to go overboard? Minimalist jewellery is here to elevate your professional look without being loud.

With subtle sparkle and sleek silhouettes, less is truly more when it comes to accessorising for the office. Read on for tips to help you curate a collection of delicate yet impactful jewels that will take your 9-to-5 style up a notch. Time to add some polished pretty pieces to your work wardrobe!

Stud earrings
Stud earrings add a refined touch

Start with Studs

When selecting minimalist jewellery for work, stud earrings are a foolproof starting point. From delicate diamonds to glossy pearls, studs offer sparkle without stealing the show.

These wee wonders make an effortlessly elegant statement. For maximum versatility, choose a solid 14k gold or sterling silver. This allows you to mix and match your earrings every day.

Start with a simple design like solitaire diamond or pearl studs. Then build your collection with more unique shapes like marquise, huggie, or mini hoop silhouettes for extra flair. Studs are the MVPS of minimalist jewellery - endlessly wearable for work and beyond!

Layered necklace
Layered necklaces create visual interest while keeping things minimal

Layer Up Your Neck Game

Layering delicate necklaces is a chic way to accessorise for work without overdoing it. Build a neck stack with a mix of metals, lengths, and pendant shapes for an enviable effortless style. Include at least one dainty chain necklace as the foundation. Then add a couple of pendant necklaces to create visual interest and dimension.

Keep the vibe minimalist by limiting your layers to 2-3 necklaces max. For extra polish at the office, arrange them in order of length with the longest at the bottom. Then highlight your collection by wearing your hair up. With the right delicate chains, layered necklaces will elevate your professional style to new heights!

Minimal ring on a finger
Stackable ring adds a touch of everyday elegance

Select a Signature Ring

While rings often get a bad rap for work, one slim stackable style can pull your look together. Pick a ring you'll want to wear daily in a high quality metal like gold, silver or platinum. For minimalist appeal, opt for a simple band or one with a subtle shape like a knot or twist detail.

Wear your signature ring on your index finger or middle finger stacked with your wedding set. It will add the perfect pinch of polish without being distracting. As for arm parties, save those for the weekend! Keeping your work rings minimal allows you to let your style shine.

A closeup shot of s ear wearing drop earrings
Minimal drop earrings add subtle interest

Fall For Drop Earrings

For an eye-catching yet elegant earring option, go for slim line drop silhouettes. While bold statement drops are better suited for evenings out, delicate mini drops work perfectly for professional settings. Look for lightweight metal drops no longer than one to two inches. Subtle teardrop earrings will catch the light without overshadowing.

Drops accented with a single pearl or diamond are another way to incorporate minimal sparkle. The movement of drop earrings flatters the face while putting the focus on you. So embrace this better-than-a-stud option to take your office style to the next level.

Close up shot of a wrist wearing bracelet
A minimal bracelet polish without being distracting

Don't Forget the Bracelet

No minimalist jewellery collection is complete without a bracelet or bangle. For your working wardrobe, focus on finding one special piece you'll want to wear daily.

Wear your bracelet stacked with a watch to complement your work style. If you prefer less constricting arm candy, opt for a charm bracelet with minimal dangling charms. Either way, a delicate bracelet provides the perfect finishing touch without over-accessorising your look. Show off your sleek style by slipping on this effortless wristwear wonder!

Embrace Minimalist Jewels for Work With GIVA!

Less is truly more when building a collection of minimalist jewellery for work. Focus on quality over quantity by selecting delicate yet durable jewellery designs.

Most importantly, choose versatile timeless metals and designs you'll be proud to wear for years to come. So embrace the beauty of minimalism and adorn yourself with our fine jewellery collection for your professional style.

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