LAYERING 101 (Tips and Tricks)

LAYERING 101 (Tips and Tricks)

With one of the major trends still maintaining its reign, it is important to ace the look just right.

Follow these three steps and YOU will be the layering queens within no time

Pick Different Lengths

While layering, pick different lengths of necklaces for the best look. Make sure each necklace is longer than the previous one and do not fight to be seen.

Avoid Too Many Chunky Pieces

Try to bring attention to the best part of the accessories by avoiding too many chunky pieces together. Pick one statement necklace and layer it up with complementary ones.

Choose Correct Neckline

When it comes to layering or sporting a necklace, outfit and its neckline plays a big role. While a deep v or a turtle neck might be a great option, some necklines may not work well. Simply try them and go with the flow.

These tips are a sure shot way to ace that perfect layering look without even thinking twice. Go ahead, try them now, and don’t forget to add you touch to it.

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