Last Minute Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Last Minute Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sister

“Get me a perfect gift, warna papa ko tere secrets bata dungi!” or “Bhaiya, iss baar kanjoosi ni, kuchh achha sa gift lene mere liye!”
Sounds familiar? Did your sister asked for the perfect surprise? Have you noticed those hints and cues she’s been dropping? Arre Bhaiya, ab tak gift nahi liya? What are you even waiting for?

With Rakshabandhan just around the corner, confusion is bound to engulf you. What to gift her? What would she like? What would be the perfect Rakshabandhan gift for her?

Rakshabandhan is the time to cherish those memories once more & the time to strengthen the bond even deeper. The gift is just a way to show her how much you love her and how much she matters to you.
With a sister who is nothing less than the most special presence in your life, there’s no settling for anything less than perfect.  You naturally want to handpick the best gift & want to make her feel utterly special.

You must’ve searched for that perfect rakhi gift offline and online for your beloved sister, but to no avail. Nothing comes even close to her, right?
Well, fret not, for we got you all covered.

Here are FIVE perfect last minute gifts for your sister to give her on Rakshabandhan



Your sister is the cutest one out there, & anything basic just won’t do for her right! Weave the most special memories with her with something even more special.

This bracelet is a perfect ode to her spellbound beauty. With cute rose gold charms and the perfect hoops, this rose gold bracelet will leave her grinning from ear to ear we promise!


Who blooms the most- bright and amazingly? Your sister of course. She is born to shine and make a mark that will last forever. So gift her something that blooms just as bright as her. This Rose Gold Blooming Flower Set is nothing less than a perfect gift as it perfectly complements her growth in life. She won’t help but love you even more for this.


Your sister captures everyone’s hearts with ease. She’s the light of the room, the center of attraction, the showstopper. Gift her something that complements her vibe & makes a statement as good as hers.

This Silver Swirl Heart Set is made to with her personality perfectly. This will make her stand out even more & trust us, will earn you some brownie points for sure. So get the perfect silver swirl heart set for her from GIVA!


When in doubt, nothing works better than a direct inspiration from nature. If your sister is a nature lover and just cannot do without her greens then this is just the thing for her.


Yes brothers. Gift your sisters something directly from the bounty of the nature. These oxidised silver earrings set will make her sway with happiness just after one look, we promise. Now don’t waste any time and get the nature’s touch only on GIVA.



Pearls always have a girl’s heart & they never fail to make a true impressions. When it comes to pearls, you can never go wrong for she will beam with happiness, we promise.

So brothers, take cue. This Pearly set is all you need to make your sister go all aww. With three colored pearls and silver base, the set will be her all-time favourite in an instant. Grab the pearl jewellery set on GIVA.


Still waiting here? Go on, get that perfect gift for her & avoid the last minute gift frenzy! Don’t miss out on making the most memorable mark this Rakshabandhan! Get her the perfect Rakhi gift!


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