Jewellery Tips to Ace your Everyday Office Look

Jewellery Tips to Ace your Everyday Office Look

Wake up, get dressed, hustle, work, back home and repeat the next morning. Bet we all relate to it and many of us are doing this right now. This everyday hustle is normal for all of us. With most of us spending most of our time in our offices, it’s become our second home. So how about acing everyday look while we spend our days there?

Choosing an outfit in the morning is nothing less than an investment. Spending a whole day in that look, it better be the best right?

So, DIVAs, we bring you some amazing office wear jewellery tips YOU can follow to instantly brighten up your outfit and your day.

Tip No.1 - Choose a Focal Point

It takes a few simple steps to light up a mundane look and the right jewellery and perfect focus are the most important ones. While dressing up, it is important to choose the right focus point for the entire look.

While chunky, bold jewellery works best with a subtle outfit, any bold print is best complemented by some subtle, understated jewellery. Trust us, this mantra will make any outfit pop out within seconds.

Tip No.2 - Create Layers

Layers are not just limited to clothing and jackets. Layering up the jewellery can do wonders for your look.

Be it bracelets, rings or necklaces, layers can accentuate your work look immediately. Simply make sure to decide on ONE part of the jewellery as a highlight and then go on creating the layers. Experiment with lengths, shapes, colours and whatnot.

Tip No.3 - Set Contrast

Contrast is one sure-shot way to amp up any outfit, even if it is your work wear. Be it clothes jewellery or anything else, contrast is the easiest way to add edge to the look.

So do not be afraid to experiment with contrast when it comes to your jewellery. Rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets & whatnot, creating a contrast in colours and shapes will make you look chic and elegant in a jiffy.

Tip No.4 - Never Skip The Earrings

Whenever someone is talking to you, your face becomes the focal point for them and hence the earrings come into the play. Your earrings play an important role in bringing the entire look together.

So when you dress up, never give those earrings a miss. Let them frame your face and make a lasting impression on whoever you meet.

Tip No.5 - Necklaces Can Be Optional

This might sound like an anti-tip but this is a lifesaver when you do not want to overdo things. Necklaces and pendants accentuate your neckline and collars but sometimes, it’s only sensible to give them a skip.

If you are wearing a bold pair of earrings, do not take the attention away from them by opting for a necklace as well. It will only create a clutter in the look. On the other hand, if you are opting for a bold necklace, then go small with earrings and keep it simple. Trust us, this tip will do wonders on any workday.

Tip No.6 - Make your trends

Trends are there to take cues from, but you know what is even better? Making your trends. When it comes to trends, always go for YOUR vibe. Set new trends, and try new things.

Experiment with the changing trends in your way to create looks that would make people turn their heads. Especially for work wear, go for something that makes YOU feel confident, be it in respect to trends or in respect to experimenting.

So here you have the perfect office wear jewellery playbook to shine at your workplace with ease. When in doubt, open this and you are all covered.

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