How to Style Your Jewellery Like Royalty

How to Style Your Jewellery Like Royalty

Be inspired by jewellery worn by royals

There is something magical about royal jewellery that makes it stand out from the rest. It has history and opulence that is almost hypnotic; every piece is an epitome of grace, sophistication, and elegance. It is no wonder that we often look to royalty for inspiration when it comes to fashion and style!

If you're wondering how to add a touch of elegance to your jewellery, you've come to the right place. Let us share five ways to style your jewellery like a queen.

Layered statement necklaces add a touch of royalty

Layering Necklace

The layering necklace trend is here to stay, and it is the perfect way to add royal elegance to your jewellery collection. Start with a simple chain and add a few delicate necklaces in varying lengths, with charms or pendants to create a stunning layered look. This trend is perfect for that element of glamour you seek to get with any dress, and it looks particularly regal with a high-necked dress or a low-cut corset.

For a more understated look, layer the Rose Gold Mughal Architecture Royal Necklace with an elegant rose gold chain and an elegant pendant for a royal Arabian look!

Earrings with bold designs lend an air of sophistication

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are a true fashion statement and are a favourite of royalty and celebrities alike. They can lift any outfit and add instant glamour to your look. Opt for oversized hoops, chandeliers or drop earrings adorned with diamonds or precious stones for that touch of regal elegance.

If you're feeling extraordinarily royal, choose Taj Motif Danglers and pair them with a sleek updo to really let them shine.

Bracelets add elements of fancy and allure

Stackable Bracelets

Stackable bracelets are a fun and fashionable way to add elegance to your wrist. Mix and match bracelets of different styles, sizes and materials and stack them up for a chic and sophisticated look.

For a touch of royalty, opt for cuff bracelets adorned with gemstones, or thin bangles with intricate detailing. The Royal Decor Bracelet is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their jewellery and is the perfect accessory for a formal event or a night out.

Brooches have always been associated with royalty


Brooches are an elegant and classic way to add some royal flair to your outfit. They can be worn on a lapel, on a hat or even on a handbag, to add that extra touch of sophistication. Choose brooches with intricate designs, pearls or gemstones, and wear them with a classic blazer or coat for a timeless look.

Brooches are a must-have accessory for any royal wardrobe, and they are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Flaunt your bold rings with confidence

Elegant Rings

Last but not least, no royal jewellery collection is complete without some elegant rings. Opt for rings with precious stones like diamonds or sapphires, or choose a more subtle design with a single band. Stack multiple rings on one finger for a bold and modern look, or wear them on different fingers for a more classic approach.

The Golden Royal Taj Ring is an ultimate royal accessory that can add that extra touch of elegance to any outfit! Wear this with a flowing blue kurta set and watch heads turn!

Adding royal jewellery to your collection can amp your style and make you feel like a true queen. Whether you opt for a statement piece or layer multiple accessories, the possibilities are endless.

So, go ahead and experiment with different styles, mix and match your favourite pieces and don't be afraid to let your inner queen shine through. Let GIVA Jewellery be your go-to for all things elegant and stylish!

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