How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

One of the most tedious tasks that you might face every time you plan to buy pendants online is to get your hands on just the right length. Taste is quite a debatable topic when it comes to getting your hands on jewellery that is going to remain a timeless classic in your jewellery collection.

That’s why a little bit of help and guidance can always prove to work wonders for you to buy the best online necklace. Quality matters a great deal but so does the impeccable sense of what suits your unique demeanour.

Let us delve a little bit deeper into comprehending the basics that further formulate the essentials of choosing the right necklace length.


This necklace length is characterized as a piece that would be strategically placed between the collarbone area and the bust. This necklace length is quite flattering for those with long necklines. As for the clothing styles - the best recommendations for a matinee necklace comes with both formal or casual wear. Higher necklines are beautifully complemented by this style of necklaces.

Check out GIVA’s Anushka Sharma Forever Valentine Pendant which is quite similar to the length of a matinee pendant.


One of the most groundbreaking trends that have surfaced in the fashion world, in recent times, is none other than the art of layering necklaces. The most fun part about this trend is the mix and matching of the aspect of various lengths of necklaces and then curating your style as per your taste. From chokers to bigger lengths of jewellery - everything can have a revolutionized look when paired aptly. 

Check out GIVA’s Anushka Sharma Golden Layered Constellation Charm Necklace which will definitely be a top favourite!

Rope Necklaces

Just like the name suggests - rope necklaces are some exceptional styles where you get to wrap the length of the pendant twice around your neck to give the illusion of a double-stranded necklace. Moreover, with rope necklaces, you also get the added benefit of making a lariat-inspired neckpiece where you fold one end of the necklace and put the other end through that loop. This style qualifies as a diverse one!

Check out GIVA’s Golden Queens Necklace - why just stop at one when it looks this good? Get creative with your styling game and layer two of these pieces to cast a rope necklace-like illusion! 


Pendant’s new fashion rage is one to embrace and ace in equal measures. One of the trendiest styles in this segment is the chokers. The design unfolds something like this where the jewellery sticks close to your neck. In the context of fashion - off-shoulder or spaghetti sleeved-outfit work the best with this length of jewellery. Suave and indispensable glamour adding that perfect edginess to your overall look.

Have a look at Anushka Sharma Golden Star Constellation Necklace, which though not exactly a choker necklace, has a similar silhouette. 

As much as it might seem like a task to look for different styles of pendants, for example, letter pendant designs or a little animal or nature-inspired designs as they all seem so visually stunning - it is equally taxing to fixate on the perfect necklace length that looks exquisite once you don them. Therefore this guide is to introduce you to the most talked-about styles and necklace lengths. So the next time you have the urge to upgrade your jewellery collection with some statement-making necklaces- you know all the varying lengths and distinct styles you should opt for! Like they say - keep it stylish - always and hence you can check out some stunning GIVA necklaces and pendants that are too good to miss out on! You can also check out GIVA jewellery for men online.

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