How to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Skin Tone

Jewellery has the power to transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary for any occasion. But have you ever bought a piece of jewellery that looks beautiful on someone else but doesn't suit you? It's likely that like most of us, you overlooked your skin tone while shopping.

The right jewellery can accentuate your features and make your skin look radiant, while the wrong jewellery can make your complexion look dull. Let us walk you through some essential tips to help you choose the perfect jewellery that matches your skin tone to make you feel confident and look beautiful!

Understanding your skin tone

The first step to choosing the right jewellery for your skin tone is to understand it. Your natural skin colour can be classified under three categories – warm, cool, and neutral. Warm skin has a golden, peach, or yellow undertone, while cool skin has a pink, red, or blue undertone. Neutral skin tones have a balance between warm and cool tones.

To determine your skin tone, you can look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins are green, you have a warm skin tone, while if they are blue, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins have a mix of green and blue, you have a neutral skin tone.

Jewellery for warm skin tones

If you have a warm skin tone, gold jewellery will complement your complexion. The warm iridescent tones will accentuate your warm skin, making it look radiant. You can also choose warm-coloured gemstones, such as yellow or orange, to enhance your complexion. Citrine, chalcedony, and topaz are all great options for warm skin.

Jewellery for cool skin tones

If you have a cool skin tone, platinum or silver jewellery will complement your complexion. These cool metallic tones will make your skin look brighter. You can also choose gemstones that are cool in colour, such as blue or purple, to compliment your skin tone. Aquamarine, amethyst, and diamond jewellery are great choices for cool skin.

Jewellery for neutral skin tones

If you have a neutral skin tone, you have the best of both worlds. You can wear warm and cool metallics and gemstones in a variety of colours. However, to accentuate your lovely skin tone, you can choose jewellery that has a mix of warm and cool tones. Rose gold jewellery is a beautiful metallic tone that complements neutral skin tones.

Matching jewellery to your outfit

Once you've determined your skin tone and the metal and gem tones that work best to complement it, you can create stunning jewellery and outfit combinations. Your jewellery should complement your outfit, not overwhelm it. If you are wearing a trendy outfit such as a sparkly dress, you should choose subtle jewellery so as not to disrupt the harmony of the outfit. However, if you are wearing a simple outfit, such as a white shirt and jeans, you can wear bold silver jewellery to add an eye-catching element to your look.

Choosing the right jewellery for your skin tone can make a subtle yet impactful statement that enhances your overall appearance. By taking the time to determine your skin tone and choosing jewellery that matches it, you can enhance your natural beauty and feel confident in any outfit. So go ahead, experiment with different GIVA jewellery collections, and find the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe!