How Rachel Green's Iconic Jewellery Style Still Inspires Fashion Today

How Rachel Green's Iconic Jewellery Style Still Inspires Fashion Today

Rachel in a green dress
Embrace Rachel's iconic style

Oh. My. God! That's the only way to describe Rachel Green's jewellery style. It's iconic, timeless, and it still inspires fashion divas even today.

From party looks to bridesmaid ensembles, Rachel knew how to rock her bling with a touch of sassy elegance. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Rachel Green's jewellery style and explore how it still inspires fashion today.

Rachel in a red dress
Choose a choker like Rachel's to stand out on any occasion

Party Look

Remember that unforgettable moment when Rachel wore a charming gold choker and a stunning red dress for Joey's award ceremony? It was the epitome of glamour and sophistication.

With this glamorous combination, Rachel proved that sometimes, all you need is a statement necklace to steal the show at any party. So, next time you want to make heads turn, channel your inner Rachel and go for that jaw-dropping choker that screams, "I'm here to slay!"

Rachel in a formal blue dress
Steal Rachel's minimalistic style

Formal Look

When it comes to formal outfits, Rachel Green knows how to strike the perfect balance between class and bling. Her simple yet minimal pendant necklaces paired with pantsuits or chic dresses added that extra touch of glamour.

So, the next time you attend a formal event, let Rachel be your inspiration, and adorn yourself with a pendant that exudes grace and sophistication.

Rachel as a bridesmaid
Drop everything and go for these earrings

Bridesmaid Look

Rachel's bridesmaid look was nothing short of breathtaking. With her gorgeous golden drop earrings and a charming up do, she redefined bridesmaid fashion. Her jewellery perfectly complemented her dress and hairstyle, enhancing her overall grace and beauty.

So, the next time you're a bridesmaid, channel your inner Rachel Green and create a bridesmaid look that's as timeless as her fashion choices.

Rachel in blue dungarees
Let us be clear! Crystals are fun and magical

Playful Look

Rachel's playful style always had a touch of sweetness. One of her iconic looks involved pairing a thread necklace with a crystal pendant on a halter neck and denim top. She even added a pendant on her dungaree, completing the cute and pretty ensemble.

So, when you want to embrace your playful side, take a cue from Rachel and have fun experimenting with different jewellery combinations.

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Rachel Green's jewellery style was nothing short of iconic. From her daring gold chokers to her delicate thread necklaces, she showed us that accessorising is an art form. Even today, her fashion choices continue to inspire and influence the way we dress.

So, if you want to capture that Rachel Green charm, look no further than GIVA fine jewellery collection. With our stunning jewellery designs, you can add that extra touch of sass and sparkle to any outfit. Embrace your inner Rachel, and let your jewellery do the talking!

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