Sparkle like Barbie with stunning pink jewellery!

Glam up in Pink Jewellery to Sparkle Like Barbie

Ever since we were little girls, we've idolised Barbie and her fabulous pink outfits. There's just something so fun and playful about wearing the iconic Barbie colour.

And with the release of the Barbie movie, it's time to rock Barbie's signature hue. The key is all in the accessories - with the right pink jewellery pieces, you can instantly give any outfit that bubbly, youthful flair. So, get ready to sparkle like the doll of our dreams and head to a movie date with your girlies!

Add a touch of romance

Pink Heart Pendant

This elegant sterling silver pink pendant features a light pink heart-shaped stone that dangles delicately from a sleek link chain. Just like Barbie, this necklace makes a romantic statement with its universally recognized shape. The pale pink hue gives it a soft, feminine vibe. Wear it with a little black dress for a classic yet playful look.

This pendant gives you an effortlessly chic way to incorporate the Barbie palette into your accessories collection.

Make a modern statement

Rose Gold Pink Heart Ring

This rose gold pink heart ring  may be dainty, but it makes a big impact. A light pink heart-shaped stone sits front and canter, providing the perfect pop of Barbie's signature shade. Tiny white zircon stones surround it, adding extra dimension and sparkle. The rose gold tone gives this ring a modern, on-trend vibe.

Whether you're dressing up for a date night or drinks with the girls, this ring infuses your look with playful, flirty energy. Stack it with some simple gold bands for that coveted stacked ring look.

Elevate your style with this rose gold bracelet

Rose Gold Supple Bracelet

Sometimes you want to channel Barbie's essence in a more sophisticated way. This rose gold bracelet lets you do just that with its delicate design and unique details. Tiny royal pink stones are dotted throughout oval and flower-shaped motifs. The feminine design immediately evokes a sense of grace and elegance. At the same time, the pops of pink give it that inherent Barbie DNA.

This bracelet straddles the line between youthful and refined. It's the perfect piece to wear to the office or out for Sunday brunch.

Embrace playfulness

Cherry Pink Petal Earrings

These handcrafted sterling silver pink earrings feature petals in a shimmering cherry pink. Just like Barbie, they are playful, unique, and full of personality. The vibrant hue calls to mind Barbie's bright fashions and bubbly attitude. While the shape and colour are eye-catching, these earrings remain versatile enough for everyday wear.

They add a fun pop of colour whether you're wearing jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress. The sterling silver gives them a touch of sophistication as well. They're the perfect earrings to spark joy and self-expression wherever you go.

Get Ready for the Barbie Movie with GIVA!

Well, it's time to indulge in the dreamy Barbie world now. With the right pink jewellery, you can infuse your look with a playful, bubbly vibe.

At GIVA, our fine jewellery collection brings you an array of pink jewels, allowing you to channel Barbie in a way that fits your style. So go ahead and play dress up and get ready to turn heads!

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