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Flaunt The Latest Nose Pin Styles Tailored Perfectly For Different Face Types

Considering the Nose Pins as just a jewellery item would do no justice to their real importance in our culture. They are much more than that, they are a symbol of expressing fashion, tradition, and personality at one mark on your face. Historically associated with generally accepted norms of a particular culture, nose pins have undergone a process of transformation and become adornments that can suit any type of face. The beauty of the nose pin also depends on the type of style you adopt and today we shall help you select some styles that would be perfect for your face type and will make you look elegant.

In addition, Nose pins have a special place in the bridal jewellery collection. Whether it’s a small one or a big nath, the girl has to wear it on the day of her marriage. So, with all this cultural status, we must explore the various types of nose pins that are the most suitable ones for each face type you have. Also, it would be pertinent for all these nose pin styles to be worn based on the kind of face that a woman has.

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Different Styles of Nose Pins for Different Face Types

1. Round Face

Depending on face shape, round faces have elongated features as well as a well-defined face structure. Minimalistic nose pins which provide a stretchable look of the nose are ideal.

Studs: A small stud can be tasteful, traditional, and beautiful, it does not have to be large and dominating to look stunning on the face. It is for this reason that you should choose geometric shapes such as squares or triangles since they contain angles. 

Delicate Nose Pin for a timeless beauty

Delicate Nose Pin for a timeless beauty

L-shaped Pins: These pins stay firmly fixed in position although additional jewelleries such as small gems could be added to create depth.

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2. Oval Face

Oval faces are definitely suitable for almost any type of nose pins. This, in turn, is beneficial for experimenting as the designers have more balanced proportions when compared to their length.

Hoops: The small to medium-sized hoops can be desirable for oval face shapes since they complement the natural balance of the face. Choose the embellished hoops for extra style.

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Septum Rings: If you love a bold look, Septum rings can give a different appearance altogether. Thick bands would not be as effective to retain the appearance of a fine slim line and thin rings would be most suitable for this kind of design.

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3. Square Face

Continuing with facial features, women with square faces should consider nose pins as these add some roundness to the hard angular jaws and foreheads.

Round Studs: Curves on a design can complement sharp edges to minimize the impression of extremity. Regional and tribal preferences are also important to consider when choosing studs, so select circles or oval-shaped studs.

Celebrating traditions with heritage jewellery

Celebrating traditions with heritage jewellery 

 Nath: Undoubtedly, a large hoop and an ambitious ethnic ornament that is the traditional hoop worn in Indian culture can make your jawline seem smoother and add intensity to the look. The size should not be too large that it draws so much attention but should ideally be in-mate with the body size.

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4. Heart Face

Wearing a beautiful nose pin is perfect for a heart-shaped face because it helps avoid focusing on the forehead and emphasizes the cheekbones and jaws.

Dangling Nose Pins: It can definitely address the problem of a wide forehead and narrow chin through design balance. Search for hooks that are securely placed beneath the nostrils.

Teardrop Studs: These can look like they are sculpted to the shape of the face and enhance the balance that is present on the face.

5. Long/Rectangular Face

Long faces can be equalized using a nose pin as this jewellery piece gives width and makes lightning to the face's middle part.

Wide Hoops: Larger circling hoops can add some width as well as achieve a standard look. Choose designs with embellishments that can be exciting while picking the designs to add to your artwork.

Cluster Studs: The stones if placed in small groups will offer good design privacy and at the same time reduce the length of the face.

Important guidelines to follow when selecting the ideal nose pin:

Picture of latest design nose pins

Bringing comfort & style both in one

Comfort: Make sure it is not too heavy and that you are comfortable with where it rests, particularly if it’s to be worn daily. Lightweight designs are preferable.

Material: When planning on getting one should avoid irritants such as metals and thus opt for gold, silver, or titanium.

Occasion: A few tips that you may consider before pinning nose jewellery are as follows: Both simple studs which do not require much attention would be suitable for everyday wear while the more complex and detailed earrings would be appropriate for formal occasions.

Cultural Significance: If you want to paste, say, a gem from culture, it is preferable to make sure that it fits into the aesthetic and symbolism that are worth celebrating.

GIVA: Your Destination for stunning Gold & Silver Nose Pins 

GIVA allows you to select the right type of nose pin to wear a compliment on your face and highlight its beauty. Starting from the small stud in the center of the nostril to the big hoops hanging in the front and the complex naths, there is a nose pin for each face and personality type. So, you must have the right understanding of one’s face shape in addition to trying several styles.  Therefore, we are here to guide you and point out various nose pins that will look appropriate and fantastic for everyone no matter the face shape and style. Visit us now & discover unique pieces that would complement your beauty and make you beautiful.
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