First Valentine’s Day Together? 5 Combo Boxes to Celebrate New Love

First Valentine’s Day Together? 5 Combo Boxes to Celebrate New Love

As February sets in with all the fuzzy feelings of love, Valentine's Day, probably your first one together is a milestone worth celebrating. It should be a day soaked in the hues of love, echoing the laughter, dreams, and promises shared. With the essence of new love in the air, we present to you enchanting love combo boxes, each filled with romance. 

A love combo box is a curated treasure designed as keepsakes of your shared moments, your whispered secrets, and the tender love blossoming between you. Let’s explore these specially designed combo boxes that are perfect as a romantic gift, a testament to the beauty of your new journey together.


Symphony of Affection

Layers Of Love Combo Box

The Layers Of Love Combo Box is a romantic ode to the multifaceted nature of love. Within its confines lies a Golden Dual Layer Zircon Necklace, a symbol of two lives interwoven in love and harmony. Accompanied by the soothing essence of a French Vanilla Fragrance Candle, it sets the scene for intimate moments and shared whispers. This combo is an ideal Valentine's Day gift, a beacon of your growing love and the layers of affection yet to be discovered.


Keepsake of Cherished Nights

Midnight Blue Combo Box

The Midnight Blue Combo Box is reminiscent of starry nights spent in each other’s embrace. Featuring a Silver Midnight Blue Butterfly Pendant that captures the mystique of nightfall, and a French Vanilla Fragrance Candle to fill your surroundings with warmth, this gift box is a romantic gift that echoes the depth and serenity of your love. It’s a tribute to nights that turned into mornings, and conversations that became memories, making it a perfect gift for her this Valentine's Day.


Epitome of Divine Affection

Radha Krishna Love Combo Box

Inspired by the legendary Radha Krishna Love Combo Box is a testament to love that transcends the ordinary. The Silver Radha-Krishna Pendant, detailed and delicate, serves as a symbol of everlasting love, while the GIVA Aurora Perfume envelops her in an aura of divine fragrances. Gift this box to celebrate a love that’s destined to be remembered, making it an exceptional romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.


Celestial Romance

Constellation Drop Combo Box

The Constellation Drop Combo Box draws inspiration from the celestial dance of stars, a metaphor for the cosmic alignment of your souls. The Golden Constellation Drop Necklace, elegant and luminous, along with the French Vanilla Fragrance Candle, creates an ambiance of love that’s both tranquil and profound. This gift box is a beacon of hope for all star-crossed lovers, making it an enchanting Valentine's Day gift for her.


Illuminating the Path of Togetherness

Shiny Zircon Combo Box

The Shiny Zircon Combo Box shines as brightly as your love for each other. It houses a Golden Zircon Pendant that mirrors the radiant glow of deep affection, accompanied by the French Vanilla Fragrance Candle to kindle the flame of love in your heart. It’s a celebration of the magical moments that light up your journey together, perfect as a gift box for her on this special day.

A Celebration of New Beginnings with GIVA!

Your first Valentine's Day together is not just a celebration but a milestone that marks the beginning of countless memories to come. With GIVA’s Love Combo Box, each moment becomes an opportunity to unveil the depths of your affection, celebrate the novelty of your bond, and cherish the love that promises to grow.

Explore the romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her that is a token of the romance, the dreams, and the unwritten chapters of your love story!
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