A precious rakhi for the most special sibling bond!

Express Your Love With These Pocket-friendly Rakhis Under ₹800

That beautiful time of the year is upon us when we get to tie a bond of protection, love, and mischief around our dear brothers' wrists. Raksha Bandhan is here, and it's the perfect occasion to express our affection and gratitude for our brothers.

If you're on the lookout for stunning rakhis that won't break the bank, you're in luck! We've curated a list of pocket-friendly rakhis for brother under ₹800 that will make your brother feel special without putting a dent in your wallet. Let's explore some exquisite silver rakhis together!

Embrace tradition with a delicate oxidised silver rakhi!

Oxidised Silver Shree Rakhi

For a touch of traditional elegance, the Oxidised Silver Shree Rakhi is a fantastic choice. This intricately designed silver rakhi features delicate detailing and a classic Shree symbol that represents divinity and prosperity.

The oxidised finish gives it a vintage charm, making it the perfect accessory for your brother's wrist. With its timeless appeal and affordable price tag, this rakhi is sure to be cherished by your brother for years to come.

Let your brother shine like the sun with this Surya Rakhi

Silver Surya Rakhi

If your brother is a sun in your life, brightening your days with his warmth and love, the Silver Surya Rakhi is an ideal pick. This rakhi showcases a beautifully crafted sun motif in silver, symbolising power and positivity.

The intricate design and gleaming finish of this silver rakhi will make it a standout piece on your brother's wrist. Let the bond between you and your brother shine as bright as the sun with this stunning rakhi.

Express your love with this stylish Silver Bhai Rakhi

Silver Bhai Rakhi

Express your love for your brother with the Silver Bhai Rakhi. This rakhi features a stylish and contemporary design, with a silver centrepiece engraved with the endearing term "Bhai." Its sleek and minimalistic look adds a touch of sophistication to your brother's wrist.

This beautiful rakhi strikes the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and traditional sentiments, making it an excellent choice for brothers who appreciate both style and sentiment.


Celebrate the unbreakable bond between siblings with the Infinity Rakhi!

Silver Infinity Rakhi

The Silver Infinity Rakhi is a symbol of eternal love and affection. Its infinity symbol represents the unbreakable bond between siblings. Crafted with finesse, this rakhi features a sleek silver band intertwined in the shape of an infinity sign, creating a visually striking and meaningful accessory.

Tie the knot of protection and love on your brother's hand and let him know that your love for him knows no bounds. It's a token of your everlasting bond that he will cherish forever.


Add a regal charm to Raksha Bandhan with this golden rakhi

Golden Bhai Rakhi (Devanagari)

If you're looking to add a touch of regal charm to your brother's wrist, the Golden Bhai Rakhi with Devanagari script is the perfect choice. Made with love and attention to detail, this rakhi features a golden centrepiece adorned with the endearing term "Bhai" in the beautiful Devanagari script.

The combination of gold and Devanagari lends an air of elegance and grandeur to this rakhi, making it a standout piece that will make your brother feel truly special.

Embrace Raksha Bandhan With Affordable Rakhis for your Brother for Under ₹800!

Adorn the sparkle of your affection with these pocket-friendly rakhis for your brother under ₹800. Whether you choose a traditional silver rakhi or a meaningful infinity rakhi, each one is a testament to the love and bond you share with your brother.

So, explore GIVA's exquisite fine jewellery collection and discover the perfect rakhi that will add a touch of charm to your brother's wrist!

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