Experiment With Jewellery During Festivals

Experiment With Jewellery During Festivals

How we love festivals! They are the perfect opportunity to explore and experiment with our jewellery collection, allowing us to create unique and fashionable looks. Though attire is important, it is the thought of styling them with jewellery that gets us excited. As Indians, we are fortunate to have so many festivals – cultural, religious, or traditional to dress up for. Read on to see how to stand out at every festival.

Layer your jewellery

Layered jewellery is a popular trend for parties and get-togethers, so why shy away from it during festivals? Let’s say you have a fusion gown that you want to add on to. Style it with a layered necklace or take different lengths of necklaces and layer them. Wear a differently designed ring or bracelet to create a unique statement. This look will bring a stylish flair to your overall festival look.

Go natural

Eco-friendly and jewellery made from natural materials are also sought-after accessories for festivals. Their unique craftsmanship have a wide appeal. You can pair a satin saree with a sea-shell pendant and a pink stone bracelet to create a bold and fashionable look with natural jewellery. This look is perfect to showcase your style with these distinctive, sustainable jewellery pieces.

Go big and bold

Jewellery is a crucial fashion accessory that can easily draw attention and steal the show on any occasion. To make a fashion statement, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to accessorise. Consider wearing a deep-neck anarkali kurta with a kundan necklace set and a bold ring complemented by a gold potli bag for a distinctive and memorable look.

Don diamonds

To make a bold statement, many of us opt for glittering accessories to complete our festive look. These days diamonds are the preferred choice for such occasions. For a dazzling appearance, consider donning a white embroidered lehenga choli with a dupatta and pair it with oversized diamond earrings, a stunning diamond ring, and a classic anklet to elevate your fashion quotient. Opt for lab grown diamonds that are the rage these days.

Don't hesitate to mix and match your festival jewellery and create your own unique style. Keep experimenting with new looks and pieces. Regardless of the cultural, traditional, or musical festival you're attending, you should embrace your individuality with confidence and showcase your unique style.

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