Diva Speaks Ft. Diva Nirupama

Diva Speaks Ft. Diva Nirupama

What truly makes you a DIVA? Courage? Strength? The will power? Actually, it’s all of it and much more. And our GIVA DIVA Nirupama proves it with an amazing panache.

Nirupama had her share of struggles and hardships but that never stopped her from reaching out for the sky. But she wasn’t alone in this journey, for her daughter was her biggest strength and support system.

A star corporate employee, Nirupama had to leave her job after marriage and dedicate her time to household work. However, a toxic marriage and a daughter later, she knew she had enough and needed to decide for the sake of her child. With the right push from her daughter, she made a decision after which, there was no looking back.

Our DIVA Nirupama walked out of her wedding with no job in her hand and had to restart her life from the scratch. She loved to dress up and hence when she grew out of her old size, she knew it was a wake- up call.
Nirupama got her life together and took up fitness. Her journey, once commenced, led her to be a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist with around 30,000 Digital community globally.

Today, after overcoming each hurdle like a true DIVA, Nirupama insists on three main things-
- Loving your body
- Loving yourself
- Taking care of your mental health

And we couldn’t agree more.
Kudos to such a DIVA and a privilege to have her in the fam!

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