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Dazzle Your Look with These Glittery Gold Jewellery Under 10k

Gold shines bright like the warm sun, adorning delicate skin with its lustrous glow. This precious metal uplifts any outfit, from daily jeans to wedding finery, with its timeless elegance.

From delicate dangling earrings to statement cocktail rings, gold jewellery adds a touch of luxury. And the good news is, you don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Here are 5 gorgeous gold jewellery under 10k that will add some sparkle to your days.

14K Gold Tender Leaves Diamond Ring
Leafy and lovely, this diamond ring is a breath of fresh air!

Tender Leaves Ring

Dainty tender leaves gold ring has four petite leaf motifs set with dazzling diamonds. The leaves are arranged beautifully in an alternating pattern that gives this ring a romantic feminine charm.

The lab grown diamonds catch the light with their fiery brilliance, adding the perfect amount of bling. Slip this darling ring onto your finger to instantly add some green glam to any look.

14K Gold Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin
Refined simplicity for absolute perfection!

Gold Solitaire Nose Pin

Minimalistic yet elegant, this chic gold nose pin features a solitary sparkling diamond. Perched precisely in the centre, the diamond solitaire glints gorgeously in a modern, sophisticated setting.

This gold nose pin has a clean, contemporary style. The lab grown diamond takes centerstage with its crystalline clarity and eye-catching glamour. Wear this pin to effortlessly dial up the dazzle factor.

18K Gold Starry Sparkle Diamond Nose Pin
Reach for the stars and shine bright!

Starry Sparkle Nose Pin

Adorned with stars, this starry sparkle 18k gold nose pin is dotted with lab grown diamonds that resemble a sparkling night sky. A brilliant-cut diamond is set prominently in the centre, encircled by smaller dazzling diamonds. Together they form a starburst motif that is absolutely stellar.

This stunning nose pin combines astrological allure with old-world Indian opulence. Flaunt this stellar sparkler to put some twinkle in your style.

14K Shimmering Hearts Diamond Earrings
Lift your spirits with joyful danglers!

Jolliness Diamond Earrings

Bring some playful joie de vivre to your look with these charming shimmering hearts diamond gold earrings. Crafted in lustrous 14k gold, these earrings feature heart motifs set with lab grown diamonds.

The whimsical feminine design captures the essence of love and makes these earrings an instant mood booster. The diamonds add just the right amount of shine. Wear these earrings for a fanciful touch.

14K Gold Sleek Diamond Ring
Wheel in the glam with gold cocktail ring!

Sleek Diamond Ring

Glitzy and glamorous, this gold sleek diamond gold ring is encrusted entirely with dazzling lab grown diamonds arranged in a spoked wheel design. The eye-catching diamonds are set neatly in slick 14k gold, pursuing brilliant light.

Ultra sleek and contemporary in style, this statement ring packs some serious bling. Slip on this sparky sparkler to instantly level up an evening look or add wow factor to casual wear.

Wrap yourself in gold glamour with GIVA!

Gold jewellery radiates timeless beauty, and with these lustrous picks under 10k you can afford to add some daily luxury to your life.

Whether you love dainty and feminine pieces, or bold glamorous statements, GIVA gold jewellery collection got you covered with gorgeous designs for every taste. So go ahead, drape yourself in shine with prettiest gold jewellery under 10k that is crafted to perfection!

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