7 Types of Necklaces you Need in your Jewellery Box

7 Types of Necklaces you Need in your Jewellery Box

Do you know what brings the entire outfit together in an instant? A perfect pendant! Do you know what simply adds the class to a plain old LBD? A perfect necklace!

When we are talking about accessories that simply make the outfit pop up, necklaces and pendants deserve a special mention. Chunky, dainty, edgy or anything else- they’re always ready to vibe with you.

So we bring you the utmost necklace bible!

Here are the 7 masterpieces you ought to have in your Jewellery boxes

Solitaire Pendants

When it comes to achieving that absolute perfect look, nothing beats a classic solitaire pendant or necklace.

Solitaires are a girl’s best friends and there’s no going wrong with them. They add to YOUR shine & make your outfit stand out with ease. Dainty or dressy, they serve both purposes in an instant. With the right solitaires, there’s no dull moment and you will also shine.

Charm Pendants

When it comes to cute, dainty pieces, always go for charms. They’re the most adorable and always lighten up the outfit. Charm pendants add a touch of personal style to any necklace.

Not only this, charms reflect your personality and mood, allowing you to choose and change them effortlessly.

Disc Pendants

One thing that brings the entire look together without a miss is the disc pendants or necklaces.

Perfect for layering, these pendants always bring the x-factor to any outfit in an instant. A disc pendant is unique and edgy, just like YOUR personality. With so many designs to choose from, you always look put together with this pendant.

Pearl Pendants

A girl’s best friend you ask? Pearls of course. With pearls, there’s no going wrong. Evergreen, classy, edgy, all at once, the pearls simply vibe with any outfit possible.

From the old times to today, pearls have always been in the limelight and have been seen putting the final touch on any outfit within seconds.

All the major celebs we crush on swear by their pearls and we agree with them. Nothing can make you look more perfect than a gorgeous pearl neckpiece.

Celestial Pendants

Sun, moon, stars and everything celestial- wouldn’t it be amazing to capture the beauty of divinity for your look? These divine elements affect our lives & make our planets go around.

Celestial pendants are the trend this year. Sprinkle some stardust add some sunshine, or simply just touch it up with some moonlight, Your look will be inspired straight outta divinity!

Lariat/Y-drop Pendants:

Lariat or Y-Drop pendants consist of drop pendants of various lengths.

Perfect for deep cuts and V necklines, these pendants simply add to the classy and sophisticated vibe of the look.

A lariat pendant accentuates your neckline and collarbone and gives a look that will turn heads.  

Initial Pendants

Initial pendants have become a rage this year.

Given the fact that our names are the closest thing to us and make us who we are, personalised, engraved and initial pendants have taken a front seat. These pendants also add to the chic factor of the look.

Each pendant vibes with the person who wears it. Each pendant is a reflection of the wearer’s personality.
Choose the one you vibe with the most. Take the perfect pendant tips from this listicle and trust us you will simply slay in each outfit with ease!

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