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6 New and Unique Lumba Rakhis to Strengthen Your Bond with Bhabhi

Bhabhi, the word itself evokes a sense of warmth, love, and respect. She is not just your brother's wife, but also your friend, confidante, and partner in crime. She is the one who welcomes you into her home, shares her secrets with you, and supports you in every situation. She is the one who makes your brother happy, and in turn, makes you happy too.

But how often do you express your gratitude and affection to your bhabhi? How often do you celebrate the special bond that you share with her? If you are looking for a perfect occasion to do so, then look no further than Raksha Bandhan. In this blog, we have curated a list of 6 new and unique lumba rakhis that will surely impress your bhabhi and strengthen your bond with her.

Golden Peacock Lumba Rakhi
Capturing the grace and beauty of a peacock in gold!

Peacock Lumba Rakhi

This golden lumba rakhi features a peacock motif that is set with zircons and pearls. The peacock symbolises beauty, grace, and joy. It also represents prosperity and good luck. This lumba rakhi will make your bhabhi feel like a queen and bring happiness and abundance to her life.

Pure Affection Lumba Rakhi
Symbol of profound bonds!

Pure Affection Lumba Rakhi

Golden pure affection rakhi features a triple layer of ring design with zircons placed at the centre. The rings symbolise eternity, loyalty, and commitment. This lumba rakhi will show your bhabhi how much you value her presence in your life and how much you respect her relationship with your brother.

Blissful Swastik Lumba Rakhi
Pearls of prosperity and a Swastik of positivity!

Blissful Swastik Lumba Rakhi

Golden swastik lumba rakhi features a Swastik design embellished with pearls at the top and bottom. The Swastik is a sacred symbol that signifies auspiciousness, peace, and harmony. It also wards off evil and negativity. This lumba rakhi will bless your bhabhi with divine protection and positive vibes.

14K Rose Gold Crown Lumba Rakhi
Crown your bhabhi the star of your heart!

Rose Gold Crown Lumba Rakhi

This rose gold lumba rakhi has a star motif set with zircons, with a crown dangling below. The star symbolises hope, dreams, and aspirations. The crown symbolises royalty, dignity, and power. This lumba rakhi will make your bhabhi feel like a star and a princess.

Lifelong Promise Lumba Rakhi
A floral promise that never fades!

Lifelong Promise Lumba Rakhi

Lifelong promise rakhi has a floral motif with a dangling pearl. The flower symbolises love, beauty, and freshness. The pearl symbolises purity, wisdom, and loyalty. This lumba rakhi will express your love for your bhabhi and your promise to always stand by her side.

Special Moments Lumba Rakhi
Capturing every memory with zircons and pearls!

Special Moments Lumba Rakhi

Special moments lumba rakhi features a zircon-cut design with pearls dangling below. The zircon symbolises strength, brilliance, and durability. The pearls symbolise elegance, sophistication, and charm. This lumba rakhi will celebrate the special moments that you have shared with your bhabhi and the ones that are yet to come.

Make Your Bhabhi Feel Special with Lumba Rakhis

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond between siblings and their extended family members. It is a day to express your gratitude, affection, and respect to those who have been there for you through thick and thin. It is also a day to make them feel special and pampered with thoughtful gifts.

At GIVA, every rakhi weaves memories, laughter, and love into your bond. So why wait? Explore these beautiful Lumba Rakhis and give your bhabhi the royal treatment she deserves. After all, our Rakhi collection is all about celebrating the precious relationships in your life.

Click, shop, and let the festivities begin with a touch of glamour and a sprinkle of love!

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