5 Trending Ring Designs from Our Latest Collection for New Moms

5 Trending Ring Designs from Our Latest Collection for New Moms

Motherhood is a time of new beginnings and beautiful journeys. What better way to celebrate these moments than with a gift that shines as bright as the smile of a new mom? 

With Mother's Day around the corner, finding that perfect gesture of love and appreciation is more important than ever. Our latest ring designs are made with the new mom in mind, offering elegance and beauty in each unique piece. These rings are a symbol of love and a daily reminder of the incredible role a mom plays. 

Whether you're celebrating your journey into motherhood or looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, our rings offer that special touch of sparkle every mom deserves.

Cherished Golden Elegance for New Moms

Sierra Ring

The Sierra Ring stands out with its golden glow and playful heart charm, making it a perfect choice for a Mother's Day gift. This ring design features a sparkling zircon at the centre, symbolizing the enduring love of a mother. The heart charm adds a touch of whimsy and joy, reflecting the heartfelt emotions of motherhood. Ideal for daily wear or special occasions, this ring for women is a testament to cherished moments and the everlasting bond between a mother and her child.

Rose Gold Radiance for Everyday Elegance

Resplendent Ring

Elegant and sophisticated, the Resplendent Ring in rose gold is designed for women who appreciate the finer things in life. The marquise-shaped motifs cradle sparkling zircons, offering a design that's both protective and stylish. This ring captures the essence of motherhood with its wave-like lines that signify the ups and downs of the journey. It's a symbol of love, making it an excellent ring design for women who cherish elegance and strength.

Sterling Silver Wisdom for the Spiritual Mom

Ganesh Ring

The Ganesh Ring is a unique addition to any new mom's jewellery collection. Crafted from sterling silver and adorned with zircon studs, this ring represents wisdom and protection—qualities every mother values. The Ganesh motif is not only culturally significant but also beautifully intricate, making this ring for women a meaningful Mother's Day gift that blends spirituality with elegance.

Unique and Unconventional Design for the Modern Mom

Not-So-Round Ring

Break away from the traditional with the Not-So-Round Ring. This unique ring design features cushion-shaped zircons that add an unconventional twist to its appearance. It’s perfect for the mom who embraces modern styles and appreciates a ring that stands out. Versatile and minimal, this ring for women is ideal for everyday wear yet powerful enough to make a statement.

Intricate Artistry for the Fashion-Forward Mom

Amador Ring

The Amador Ring combines intricate detailing with a modern twist, making it a stunning piece of fine jewellery perfect for new moms. Nestled within the band's exquisite design is a shimmering zircon, surrounded by smaller zircons that enhance its sparkle. This ring design is not just worn; it's admired—a true symbol of a mom's grace and resilience.

Embrace the Sparkle with GIVA

Our latest collection is crafted with love, keeping new moms and their unique journeys in mind. Each ring for women is designed to be a daily reminder of love, strength, and beauty. 

Celebrate motherhood with a piece from our collection, or choose the perfect Mother's Day gift that will be cherished forever. With GIVA, every purchase is a celebration of motherhood's beautiful moments.

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