5 Must-Have Sherwani Brooches for the Indian Groom

5 Must-Have Sherwani Brooches for the Indian Groom

 Groom wearing a brooch on Sherwani
A Glimpse of Elegance with Sherwani Brooches

Weddings are a spectacle of love, laughter, and, let's not forget, lavish fashion. Amidst the vibrant hues and glittering gold, there stands the groom, resplendent in his Sherwani. But wait, what's that twinkling at his chest? It's not just any accessory - it's a brooch, the hero of the groom's attire, weaving magic into the fabric.

Imagine this: the bride, in all her glory, walks down the aisle, and there, under the shimmering lights, her eyes meet the groom's. What catches her gaze? The exquisite brooch sits proudly on his Sherwani, a symbol of elegance and grandeur. In this post, we'll take you through 5 must-have Sherwani brooches for men that promise to add that extra zing to the groom's ensemble, turning heads and capturing hearts!

Ferris Wheel Brooch
A Midnight Marvel

Ferris Wheel Brooch

Imagine a celebration under the stars, with the Ferris Wheel Brooch as your companion. This elegant silver piece, featuring a design reminiscent of an upright wheel, is a symbol of your journey. The big round zircon at its centre is like a full moon surrounded by twinkling stars, created by smaller zircons.

Pair this shimmering wonder with a midnight blue Sherwani. The contrast between the cool silver and the deep blue will create a mesmerising effect, making you the centre of attention.

Glorious Brooch
A Golden Ode to Elegance

Glorious Brooch

The Glorious Brooch is a testament to the grandeur of Indian weddings. Crafted in gold, with an intricate design that features an argyle element surrounded by a constellation of zircons, this brooch speaks volumes of your impeccable taste.

Let this iconic Sherwani for men take the lead by pairing it with an ivory Sherwani. The subtle elegance of the ivory will allow the brooch to shine in all its golden glory.

  Peacock Brooch
A Rosette in Rose Gold

Peacock Brooch

The Peacock Brooch is where tradition meets modern elegance. Crafted in rose gold and shaped like a peacock, this brooch is studded with zircons, each reflecting light like a drop of rain. It's a visual treat, a tribute to the beauty of nature and the artistry of human hands.

Choose a Sherwani in a rich green hue to complement this exquisite piece. The green will mirror the natural colours of a peacock, creating a harmonious and eye-catching ensemble.

 Bundle Of Joy Brooch
Chic Pendants to Cherish Forever!

Bundle Of Joy Brooch

Simple yet profound, the Bundle Of Joy Brooch is a celebration of love and happiness. This silver brooch, with its unique wavy design, holds a pearl and zircon, symbolising the union of two souls. It's a piece that resonates with the joy of your wedding day, a minimal yet significant addition to your attire.

Go for a classic black Sherwani to let this dainty brooch for men make a statement. The stark contrast will highlight the brooch, making it a focal point.

    Woman wearing pendant
A Glimpse of Sunshine

Radiance Brooch

The Radiance Brooch is for the groom who dares to be different. This silver piece, with a fire-shaped design, is bedecked with zircons that mimic the flames of passion. It's a brooch that speaks of strength, love, and the fiery bond that marriage ignites.

Embrace the boldness by pairing this brooch for men with a red Sherwani. The red will echo the fiery design of the brooch, creating a powerful and passionate look.

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Each of these brooches is a testament to your style and the love story you're about to embark on. So, choose a brooch for men that resonates with your spirit and get ready to shine on your big day.

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