5 Grandmother-Approved Akshaya Tritiya Gold Jewellery Picks

5 Grandmother-Approved Akshaya Tritiya Gold Jewellery Picks

Akshaya Tritiya is a day filled with joy and prosperity, and what better way to celebrate than with gold jewellery approved by our beloved grandmothers? These pieces are symbols of wisdom and heritage passed down through generations. 

Grandmothers, with their keen eyes for detail and quality, always choose jewellery that promises to be lasting and classic. Today, we’ll explore 5 delightful gold jewellery designs perfect for gifting this Akshaya Tritiya. 

A trail of stars around your neck

Star-Trail Diamond Pendant

The Star-Trail Diamond Pendant is minimalist yet captivating. Grandmothers approve of its elegant and subtle design. Each strand ends with a lab grown diamond, ensuring that the pendant sparkles from every angle without being overpowering. This gold jewellery is ideal for those who appreciate a touch of glamour in their everyday lives.

A floral sparkle that mirrors dewy mornings

Dreamy Marigold Diamond Nose Pin

The Dreamy Marigold Diamond Nose Pin features a single, lab grown diamond at its heart, similar to dew on a fresh marigold. Grandmothers love this piece for its representation of purity and natural beauty, making it a perfect Akshaya Tritiya gift that adds a touch of sparkle to traditional attires.

Flowing with grace

Gleefulness Sui Dhaga Diamond Earrings

Celebrate the joyous spirit of Akshaya Tritiya with Gleefulness Sui Dhaga Diamond Earrings. These delicate earrings feature lab grown diamonds that are designed to catch the light with every movement. Grandmothers recommend these earrings for their graceful floral design and the subtle elegance they bring to any outfit.

Carry a touch of serenity and luck wherever you go

Serenity Diamond Ring

The Serenity Diamond Ring, with its three-leaf clover design, is a favourite among grandmothers for its symbolic value of luck and prosperity. The precise placement of lab grown diamonds adds a luxurious touch while keeping the ring's overall appearance refined and dignified.

A timeless bond of love

Serene Love Diamond Bracelet

The Serene Love Diamond Bracelet is loved for its classic lab grown diamond-studded line. This gold jewellery is a hit among grandmothers for its versatile style that pairs well with both traditional and modern attire, making it a cherished Akshaya Tritiya gift for every generation.

Treasure the Moments with GIVA

This Akshaya Tritiya, let the time-honoured tradition of gifting gold continue with these grandmother-approved gold jewellery picks. Each design is crafted with care and adorned with sparkling la -grown diamonds, ready to be part of your family’s heritage. 

Explore our Gold jewellery collection today and choose the perfect piece to celebrate this auspicious day and the everlasting bond it represents.
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