Apologise in style

5 Cool Silver Pendants For Men as the Perfect Apology Gift

Have you messed up and need to apologise to your man? Don't just say sorry - say it in style with a cool silver pendant for men!

Silver jewellery never fails to delight, with its lustrous shine and timeless elegance. Surprise him with one of these edgy and modern silver pendant designs that he can wear every day. Each piece featured here is thoughtfully crafted and sculpted into artistic shapes that will make his day. So go ahead, gift an exquisite silver pendant and pave the way for a fresh start!

Oxidised Silver Zodiac Spin Pendant
Zodiac on fleek!

Zodiac Spin Pendant

The Oxidised Silver Zodiac Spin Pendant for Him has a spin wheel with zodiac signs in an oxidised finish. The circular pendant has a rough oxidised surface but the zodiac symbols stand out in high polish for a stellar contrast.

This oxidised silver pendant has an edgy, astro-punk vibe. The pendant exudes mystic charm and will make his accessories game stronger.

Oxidised Silver Wheel of Time Pendant
For the Man Who Has Eternity on His Mind!

Silver Wheel of Time Pendant

This Silver Wheel of Time Pendant is inspired by the design of the time, abstract embellishments, and the magical vibe. The oxidised silver pendant for men has a large circular form with cutout patterns. The intricate cutwork imparts a hypnotic, kinetic sense of rotation to the wheel. Delicate shapes swirl and spiral within the wheel, coming together in an ephemeral harmony.

This stellar pendant will complement his casual or work wear, adding a dash of mystery. The wheel of time turns ever onward, just like the cycles of life.

Oxidised Silver Ancient Dragon Pendant
Release your inner dragon!

Ancient Dragon Pendant

This Ancient Dragon Pendant features a dragon motif. The intricately crafted dragon has textured scales, horns, claws and wings, brimming with life. The pendant has an antique finish, making it look like an ancient relic unearthed from dragon lands.

The dragon is a supreme mythical creature that embodies wisdom, strength and eternal life. Let this dragon pendant watch over your beloved and keep harm at bay. The oxidised pendant will perfectly complement his bold, brave spirit.

Silver Yin And Yang Energy Pendant
Find your balance!

Yin And Yang Energy Pendant

This Silver Yin And Yang Energy Pendant has a symbol in black and white enamel. The pendant is minimally styled, with clean lines and a high polish finish. Yin and yang represent the concept of dualism - two opposite forces that complete each other. Gift this pendant to signify that you and your man complement each other perfectly.

The white represents the bright, active yang while the black represents the intuitive, receptive yin. The yin yang sits gently over the heart chakra, radiating loving energy outwards.

Oxidised Silver Figurine Pendant
Cherish yourself!

Figurine Pendant

The Oxidised Silver Figurine Pendant has the pattern of a human figure with a magenta coloured stone. This cute pendant features a little stick figure with arms and legs outstretched. The whimsical design brings a smile to the face. An elegant marquise-shaped pink tourmaline gemstone adorns the chest of the figure.

Let this become an everyday accessory that reminds him to stay forever young at heart. The magenta stone over the heart centre energises love and healing.

Say it with silver - gift him an artistically designed silver pendant design as a perfect gesture of apology. GIVA's fine jewellery collection of oxidised and high polish silver pendants featured here have unique shapes and motifs fit for a modern man.

Pick a Silver pendant for men that aligns with his personality - mystic, cosmic, brave, whimsical or classic. Let GIVA's men's jewellery craftsmanship capture your affection in style.

So go ahead and find a cool silver pendant design to gift your man today!

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