4 Silver Pendants That You Must Add To Your Wardrobe

4 Silver Pendants That You Must Add To Your Wardrobe

You’ve got to fasten your seat belts in an alternate universe when you need to keep up with all the latest fashion trends that whizz past you in no time! For that’s how fashion is - you need to constantly be on par with the latest hubbub that all the fashion enthusiasts are conversing about to not miss out on what’s new and what’s being talked about on the glamour celluloid.

Speaking of the latest buzz, silver pendants are quite the rage and a top-favourite among the young crowd nowadays. Pendant's new fashion seems to be a must-have in every girl’s trinket collection lately, and rightfully so!

On the lookout for some recommendations that can get you started on your journey as you begin to buy pendants online? Scroll down for all the scoop!


Getting a Little “personal” with Personalized Jewellery!

There’s no such thing as personal anymore in the world of social media! Exactly why we thought you could do with something that truly would be your very own! Might we recommend having a beautiful personalized silver pendant that elevates the unique personality interlaced with your name? With the silver hue - you are bound to make a statement worth every compliment!

Get a personalized silver pendant from GIVA  to ace your individuality!

A li’l Colour, A li’l SILVER!

Silver in itself is an entrancing colour - just the right balance of catching your attention but with a subtle gleam. Now add a pop of colour to that colour combo and you have yourself a glamorous piece to adorn yourself with! Therefore the next time you buy a silver pendant online, go for a piece that has a coloured stone design that dangles from a classy silver chain!

Go for the Silver Crimson Crystal Pendant With Box Chain for the colour burst and silver charm!

Making a STATEMENT with a Statement Pendant!

There’s no right time to NOT make a statement! Be the stunner that you are by picking a silver pendant that astonishes everyone with its simplistically mesmerizing appeal. The best part about a statement piece? You are bound to make some heads turn in awe and wonder. It’s the unique aspects that make these statement pieces such a delightful pick to have in your jewellery collection, wouldn’t you want that special touch to amp up your glam quotient?

Check out GIVA’s Silver Zircon Flower Pendant With Link Chain to make a classic and head-turner of a style statement!

Flower Power with Silver Floral Pendants

If there’s one inspiration for jewellery designs that never go out of style, it’s got to be nature’s many elements that spell sheer magic! Floral silver pendants have been the talk of the town for aeons now and rightfully so, for the beatific vibe it imparts - elevating any basic to dolled-up look is truly commendable. Have a gorgeous Silver floral pendant on your silver pendants must-have list, because be rest assured - it’s going to be your go-to jewellery pick more often than you expect it to be!

All your floral expectations are answered by  GIVA’s Anushka Sharma Silver Royal Blue Pendant with Link Chain, check it out here!

Be it online silver rings or silver pendants - seems like this metal is going to be a favourite among fashion lovers for eternity! Are you one of those who has a hard time dealing with FOMO? Then get going with these recommendations and if you want to have some more options to explore - we suggest you check out GIVA’s Silver pendants collection for there is something for everyone!

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