2021 Jewellery Trend Prediction

2021 Jewellery Trend Prediction

With half a year gone, a lot has taken place and the trends have been predicted well. Be in sync with what’s trendy with these THREE things because they will take on the jewellery trends in 2021 with a storm.


First up is pearls. Pearls were a rage in 2020 and they’re here to stay. These are classy, these are chic and these are everything you ever need.
So just upgrade your wardrobe and put those pearly beauties to work.


2020 was a difficult year. Therefore as a touch of extra good luck, add some charms to your jewellery box. Charms are another trend coming to settle in this year. Big or small, whatever describes YOU, just pick them up and slay like a boss babe.


Do you know what is better than jewellery? Layered jewellery. 2021 has brought along a year of trendy layers be it in clothing or accessories. Chains, necklaces, bangles, rings- it’s all going to be layered up. So time to up your game because layering is going to take the center stage.

Now that your next shopping spree have some pointers to start with, get ready to be THE FASHIONISTA of town!

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