10 Surprising Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

10 Surprising Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds have traditionally symbolised wealth and everlasting beauty. Have you heard of their contemporary equivalents, lab grown diamonds? These gemstones are transforming the jewellery industry. What is a lab grown diamond? Simply described, it is a lab grown diamond with the same brightness as a genuine diamond, but with additional benefits. 

Lab grown diamond jewellery is great for anyone looking for stunning, ethical, and affordable jewellery. So, if you're drawn to these dazzling diamonds, you're in for a treat. Here are some surprising facts about lab grown diamonds that will change your perception of these exquisite jewels.

10 Surprising Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

1. Same Chemical Composition as Natural Diamonds (Pure Carbon)

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds and are composed entirely of carbon. This means they look and feel just like mined diamonds. A lab grown diamond and a natural diamond cannot be distinguished by appearance alone. Classic Diamond Stud Earrings include lab grown diamonds that have the same sparkle and grace as natural diamonds. Ideal for any occasion.

lab grown diamond in a lab setting

Magic created in weeks

2. Can Be Grown in Weeks, Not Millions of Years Like Natural Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds may be made in weeks, but real diamonds take millions of years to develop. This quick production method does not sacrifice quality or beauty, making lab grown diamonds an innovative wonder of technological advancement and science.

Different sizes of lab grown diamonds

Comes in various sizes as per your preference

3. Scalable Production for Various Sizes and Qualities

What is lab grown diamond scalability? It entails creating diamonds in a variety of sizes and quality to meet all requirements. This versatility enables a diverse selection of diamond jewellery, from delicate earrings to breathtaking engagement rings, appealing to every taste and budget.

lab grown diamond under magnifying glass

Exceptional clarity for exceptional you

4. Often Have Exceptional Clarity Due to Controlled Growth Environment

Lab grown diamonds often have less imperfections, resulting in remarkable clarity. The regulated environment in which they are produced assures that each diamond is of the greatest quality and devoid of the flaws that can arise in natural diamonds.

colourful lab grown diamonds

lab grown diamond comes in a range of colours

5. Available in a Wide Range of Colours Beyond White

Lab grown diamonds are available in a range of colours, like blue, pink, and yellow, providing more options. These characteristics make lab grown diamonds ideal for people seeking a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that differs from the standard white diamond.

6. More Cost-Effective Compared to Natural Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are often less expensive, providing excellent value. You may buy a bigger or higher quality diamond for the exact same price as a smaller or lower grade genuine diamond, making luxury more affordable.

Use shot of our solitaire ring collection

Lab grown diamonds are environment friendly

7. Environmentally Friendly Production with Lower Energy and Water Usage

Their production requires a smaller amount of energy and water, which makes them environmentally beneficial. This sustainable process decreases the environmental effect of traditional diamond mining, making lab grown diamonds a greener option.

A solitaire lab grown diamond pendant

Invest in ethically sourced diamonds

8. Ethically Sourced, Conflict-Free Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free. This means you may wear your diamond with confidence, knowing it has not contributed to any wars or human rights violations. Magnificent Branches Diamond Pendant is a piece of art, featuring a lab grown diamonds arranged in a leaf motif in a delicate gold chain. It’s elegant and ethically sourced.

Gold Serene Love Diamond Bracelet

Lab grown diamonds: Durable and hard

9. Same Durability and Hardness as Natural Diamonds

These diamonds are equally durable and hard as genuine diamonds. This makes them ideal for everyday use, assuring that they will last a lifetime and more.

10. Growing Popularity Among Consumers and the Jewellery Industry

Lab grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and the jewelry industry. People are rapidly accepting these diamonds due to their ethical, environmental, and cost advantages, and jewellers are extending their inventory of lab grown diamond jewellery.

Why Choose GIVA's Lab Grown Diamonds?

GIVA's lab grown diamonds are as beautiful and durable as natural diamonds, but they are less costly and more ecologically friendly. By choosing lab produced diamonds, you are making a trendy and ethical choice.

Explore our selection of lab grown diamond jewellery to find pieces that fit your style and values. Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or a timeless addition to your collection, GIVA has something for everyone.
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