Jewellery tips to Ace Every Special Occasion in Style

Jewellery tips to Ace Every Special Occasion in Style

The love and adulation one has when it comes to hoarding jewellery are extremely perceptive, and at times subjective too! For some, jewellery can just be that final touch you add to amp up your stylised look, for some, it holds emotional value as it has been gifted by someone special like couple rings, for some it might just be the propensity they feel towards jewellery that makes them constantly upgrade their trinkets collection.

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Either way, there are lots of intentions and emotions involved when it comes to dressing up with your favourite jewellery. Sometimes it might be a special occasion jewellery that you are specifically looking for - be it your BFFs bachelorette party or your parent’s 25th anniversary, while for some it is simply to have fun whilst you deck up just to feel good!

Let us have a look at a few of the reasons why you should style your outfits anytime you feel like with jewellery just because you feel like it!

Just to feel pretty and confident!

We often underestimate the power of exquisite finery and how it can elevate our look significantly! A lot of people who have a certain pull towards fashion often feel that they can make them feel good, as they look good! A perfect pop of colour in the earring studs or a whimsical pendant that goes with your playful personality can make you truly own the other unique features you have! The perfect golden beaded pendant might make you flaunt your neckline, a studded bracelet might make people notice the new nail art you just got - either way - they all make you feel pretty and confident!

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GIVA’S Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Studs is just the dreamy pair of studs you can go for when you are in the mood for some colour-pop that instantly brightens your mood!

Finish off your look in style

We have often heard of how a stunning piece of jewellery always adds the finishing touch to your outfit. Be it you are looking for a special occasion jewellery piece or something that you feel is appropriate for your everyday wear as well - there is always just a little something missing without some jewellery to pair your outfit with! No one does that job better than the perfect piece of jewellery! A statement finger ring or eye-catching pair of studs is the perfect way to round off any look!

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GIVA’s Whimsical Twirl Ring is fun and has got just the right modern-chic vibe to it, upping your glam quotient instantly with this stunning piece!

Just because you like it!

As the title goes, you need no particular reason just to pick your favourite bracelet or pair of earrings and wear it, and of course - flaunt it! Do as your heart desires just because you like how it looks when you wear it. There might be days when you simply want to go for a little dressy look, while some days you want to keep it subtle yet stylish! Either way, jewellery is your sure shot answer for a dilemma like that!

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GIVA’s Silver Yellow Flowers Necklace is the perfect mood-uplifter with its cute yellow flower design! Would be a lovely addition to your collection for days you can’t decide which jewellery to pick!

One of the best aspects of jewellery is how they make people notice your unique features! Always go for jewellery that you truly enjoy wearing and that which makes you feel ravishing about yourself. Wear it with confidence and aplomb for like they say - Confidence is key! For truly inspiring jewellery collections that not only give you plenty of options to select from but also inspires you to be beautifully YOU - check out GIVA rose gold Jewellery - you are sure to find your perfect match in the variety of designs that they have to offer!

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