How to Style Vintage Jewellery?

How to Style Vintage Jewellery?

The old-world charm that comes with vintage jewellery pieces can leave anyone in a trance. That is why vintage-style jewellery is such a massive hit in the fashion landscape. As they say, fashion is a cyclic process and with time the old styles always make a comeback.

Moreover, vintage jewellery is beautifully laden with a lot of culture and heritage. There are beautiful tales associated with these vintage jewellery styles that make people cherish and safely keep these eclectic designs with even more care and love.

There are some chic ways in which you can incorporate some vintage jewellery inspirations in your modern outfit ideas and make them stand out in the crowd. 

Following are a few tips to style vintage jewellery pieces bought online in the most fashionable way with your outfits!


If you are wondering about what to look for in vintage jewellery, or perhaps which style of vintage jewellery you should start with - then take our advice and start with some amazing stackable bracelets. Just how layering necklaces have been a jewellery trend for quite some time, stacking up bracelets of various designs and styles is also quite entrancing.

Start with some comfortable and easy-to-style pieces - maybe a minimal vintage one from your mother’s collection, then a bracelet with a beautiful charm in the centre that gives off a modern design vibe, and then a more sparkling one probably that helps in making a balance. Go for a casual t-shirt and ripped denim look and pair it up with these stack of bracelets.

You can layer GIVA’s Rose Gold Flower Heart Bracelet with Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Crown Bracelet and Rose Gold Floral Ecstacy Bracelet and make a chic stackable rose gold bracelets look! Goes without saying what a classy and old-world charm rose-gold exudes!


Finger rings with coloured stones often give off a very vintage vibe. Especially with a certain kind of silhouette like a crown that makes you ponder upon some classy vibes of a bygone era. Usually, there are plenty of rings with this vintage design and style in your mother or grandmother’s collection that you would want to wear on some special occasion - maybe to your first day at work, graduation ceremony, or birthday! It goes well with various styles of outfits from formal to more party type.

GIVA’s Silver Gemstone Heart Ring is minimally beautiful with its gorgeous coloured stones.


Here is your chance to put one of the most fashionable jewellery trends into great use. Layering necklaces are a great way to add an edge to your look by accessorising. If there's a minimal pendant of your mother that you love wearing, you can layer it with a longer chain, or vice versa! It’s super fun to style your look with vintage and modern designs as it gives off a fancy boho vibe off your look for the day as well! Especially if you are going for a deep-neck cocktail dress or a midi-dress with a sweetheart neckline - layering necklaces is a great way to go!

Golden Drop Necklace

GIVA’s Golden Star Drop Necklace is one of the gorgeous modern pieces that you can layer with a minimal golden pendant from your mother’s collection!


If you’ve always been fond of minimal jhumki earrings - you can style a classy solid coloured saree with them. Just the right pair of earrings is always enough to round off your look even if the outfit is rather simple. That vintage pair of earrings might have a certain charm to it that will add even more elegance to your overall look. Therefore make your choice wisely!

GIVA’s Rose Gold Pretty Little Jhumki is a classic example of the vintage charm of jhumki earrings

Vintage meets modern is a very fashionable way of having a whole new outlook to styling your everyday look or for a special occasion. Mixing and matching add a certain charm that only makes you look even more beautiful!

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