Jewellery Caring Tips - How To Care For Your New Jewellery?

Jewellery Caring Tips - How To Care For Your New Jewellery?

As much as we love owning those sparkling pieces, let's get real, taking care of them is quite intimidating but at the same time, extremely necessary. Getting some exquisite jewellery for gifts or simply buying it to deck up for a favourite occasion sounds quite enticing, but these are precious gems and stones that we're handling, and hence they need extremely good care to make them last for a long time.

There are certain instances where we are a little absent-minded which results in the breakage or wearing out of the colour and polish of the jewellery. However, in most cases, they can be extremely well-maintained only by following some basic steps.

Be it you are looking for some caring tips for silver jewellery or just some new personalised jewellery that you purchased encrusted with precious stones, let us have a look at some easy tips that will come in handy as you keep them safe.

Jewellery Caring Tips

Wipe it out clean

There are myriad other things you apply to your face, neck and hands when you're decking up- such as makeup, moisturizer and so on and so forth. Therefore it is most advisable that as you call it a day, take off your jewellery and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. It helps in getting rid of all the dust particles that have accumulated all through the day. There are a lot of polishing creams available as well for silver jewellery that helps in keeping your sterling silver jewellery look as shiny as new.

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 Keep it away from chemicals

We all know how harmful chemicals can be, therefore experts always advise you to wear your jewellery after you are done putting on your makeup and spraying your perfume. There's a reason why jewellery is known as the finishing touch to your look. Keep them away from all the chemicals of your makeup or perfume that might end up tarnishing its lustre.

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Keep your jewellery away from harsh environments

This might also include the harsh sunlight that inadvertently has an impact on the durability and quality of the jewellery. The colour of your jewellery might be severely compromised if it is exposed to harsh conditions for a prolonged period. Therefore it is best to store it in a cool place when not in use.

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Use cotton buds for efficient cleaning

Some jewellery pieces have some complicated designs that can be quite a challenge to clean. In such cases, it is best to opt for cotton buds that are non-plastic. It helps in easily maneuvering your way through the particular jewellery piece and makes it look spick and span.

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 Different cleaning processes for different jewellery

Please note that there is a vast variety of jewellery types and qualities out there and each requires a certain way of cleaning and maintaining them. One process is not going to be applicable for all and hence you should be well-informed about what kind of jewellery you're dealing with so that your cleaning process is on point.

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Enjoying wearing jewellery and keeping it clean is equally important, especially when you want them to have that same everlasting shine for eternity. 

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