Dearest DIVA,

We wouldn't be where we are without YOUR love.

We want more of YOUR love. Scratch that, we want it ALL!

So here's YOUR special Valentine's Gift - Replace My Jewellery

What is Replace My Jewellery?

So what is Replace My Jewellery you ask? This is an invite-only program that allows our chosen DIVAS to return their old GIVA jewellery for GIVA Credits! These credits can be used for your future jewellery purchases! All this from the comfort of your home!

Too good to be true? We’re not kidding!

Here's how it works!

STEP 1: Go to REPLACE MY JEWELLERY on your GIVA App and select the jewellery items to replace.

STEP 2: Once your request is approved, we will pick up your old GIVA Jewellery in 2-3 days.

STEP 3: You will receive the GIVA credit in your wallet within 48 hours. How much you ask? 40%* of yourJewellery value!

See, told you it was easy!

This is an App only feature, so download the GIVA App today and start shopping now!

(*40% of the Jewellery Value will be credited in your GIVA wallet!)