Collection: Personalised Jewellery

About Personalised Jewellery by GIVA

Jewellery is a way to express oneself and what is better than personalised jewellery to do so. You can opt to wear your initials, name, even your loved one’s name, or a word that resonates with you in different forms of jewellery and carry it with you wherever you go.

With personalised jewellery it is never about just the jewellery but the feeling it evokes. It could be of confidence, love, or comfort.

Customised jewellery makes for a great gifting option as well as it would mean so much to the wearer as well as the gifter.

Types of Personalised Jewellery sold by GIVA

While all of our jewellery is handcrafted with love, our personalised jewellery has a little more of it. We want you to wear your jewellery, your way and thus we have quite a good selection of personalized pieces.

  1. Personalised Eternal Necklace: You must love your name and you would love it even more in these elegant fonts. Choose between silver, gold, or rose gold plating, all of which are equally beautiful.

  2. Personalised Regalia Pendant: You deserve to make your pick of how you want to carry something so personal. Our Regalia Pendant has a font so pretty, you would fall in love at first sight.

  3. Lovestruck Couple Pendant: Every day is a celebration of love and what better than jewellery to accompany you? Our Lovestruck Couple Pendant has an adorable heart charm with inscribed names.

  4. Beyond Love Ring: Want to give your loved ones something that will be a part of their everyday lives? Gift them our Beyond Love Ring that expresses your love for infinity and beyond!

  5. Engraved Name Necklace: Personalised jewellery doesn’t have to be boring and it surely doesn’t have to come in just a few styles. Our engraved name necklace has a little extra jazz over a basic name pendant.

Why Buy Personalised Jewellery from GIVA?

Personalised jewellery is not just limited to name pendants and rings, it’s about the tiny little details, and at GIVA, we take care of exactly that. With our wide selection of customised jewellery, you are bound to get tempted by at least one jewellery piece. Apart from that, each of our personalised jewellery collection pieces have:

  1. 925 Sterling Silver

  2. Various platings to choose from

  3. AAA+ Quality Zircons

  4. Rhodium finish to prevent tarnish

  5. GIVA Jewellery Kit and authenticity certificate

Trending customised jewellery

Before you buy personalised jewellery online, it helps if you have an idea of what’s trending and if you would like to hop onto the bandwagon or not. On that note here are a few trending customised jewellery pieces right now:

  1. Initial Necklaces and Pendants: Initial necklaces or pendants are a chicer version of name necklaces and still share the same charm.

  2. Bead Bracelets with name engraved: Bracelets are a classic for men at least and name engraved beaded bracelets are quite a charmer.

  3. Personalised heart pendants and bracelets: To add a little spice to the basic personalised jewellery are these heart charms with letters engraved on them.

Best Selling customised jewellery

Wear personalised jewellery pieces with confidence and in style. Made your pick already? If not, here are a few trending personalised necklaces and other jewellery options at GIVA:

  1. Personalised Eternal Necklace: With a style that suits all, this is one of the most versatile personalised pendants we have in our collection

  2. Lovestruck Couple Pendant: Couple jewellery is in rage now and our lovestruck couple pendant is no exception

  3. Beyond Love Ring: Our personalised ring makes for a great gifting option and is sure to impress everyone

  4. Golden J'adore Personalized Necklace: Looking for something unique and elegant? Our newest personalised necklace allows you to customise your jewellery, your way.