Collection: Pearl

About Pearls

Pearls are indeed the modern day BFF’s of girls who like to keep it simple yet noticeably classy! A dash of glamour mixed with a whole lot of elegance and you have a glorious precious stone to style your looks with. Want to know how, read on to get enchanted by their sheer beauty just like we are!

Here we unfold why Precious Pearls are such a rage and creating quite a stir amidst fashion enthusiasts

What is so special about Precious Pearl Jewellery?

Pearl Jewellery emanates a subtle glamour that is quite unmatched when it comes to the more sparkling ranges of jewellery. They all have their own unique assets, however a precious pearl collection is truly enigmatic. Keeping the colour, shape and lustre in mind is extremely crucial while going for pearl jewellery design.

Naturally cultured pearls are considered to be the most used when it comes to curating precious pearls jewellery collections. Precious pearls fall under this category which contribute to the everlasting shine, beauty and natural colour of the pearls. It is this sheen that makes these precious pearls look as pure and precious as they look to us.

Why buy Precious Pearl Jewellery from GIVA?

Speaking of the latest pearl jewellery - one of the most resplendent collections to explore is available on GIVA. Their diverse range of pearl jewellery truly enamours you with its elegant and modern designs. From pendants to necklaces to stud earrings to adjustable rings - there are plenty of options to select from and something for everyone.

The technical aspects give us a glimpse of how thoughtfully these pearl jewellery pieces have been crafted to ensure premium quality and a long-lasting design brilliance. Following are few of its most celebrated aspects that makes every pearl piece in GIVA’s collection such a unique pick:

  1. Use of authentic freshwater pearls for their sheer beauty

  2. GIVA jewellery is revered for their use of 925 Halllmark Sterling Silver Base

  3. The gorgeous pearls come with shiny lacquer coating

  4. Use of Rhodium e-coating to prevent tarnishing

What are few of the noteworthy Precious Pearl Jewellery bestsellers from GIVA?

Want to join the bandwagon of wearing some best selling precious pearl jewellery? Here are a few recommendations that have been topping GIVA’s charts at all times!

1. Anushka’s White Pearl Moon Necklace

As stunning as the moon radiating an irreplaceable beam with its natural shine! That’s what Anushka’s White Pearl Moon Necklace is all about. A beautiful tribute to the serenity that pearls impart.

2. White Pearl Earrings

Nothing says classy like a simple and charming pair of pearl earring studs. It’s a must-have to stand out in the crowd! The use of Freshwater Pearl and a silver base make these classic White Pearl earrings a GIVA bestseller you must have!

3. Silver Pearl Earrings

A die-hard fan of the silver sheen? Worry not for GIVA has an ultimate bestseller which are the Silver Pearl earrings.

4. Silver Pearl Tiny Stud Earrings

Looking for a little intricacy that makes these freshwater precious pearls look even more radiant once you don them? Then you should opt for the Silver Pearl Tiny Stud Earrings - a GIVA bestseller that compliments all your looks. An epitome of grace and unbelievable beauty!

5. Moonlight Pearl Set

This Moonlight Pearl Set is a bestseller in the Precious Pearl collection for how complete it makes you feel. A complete set perfect to be gifted with or to give to someone who truly makes lives shine just like these pearls!

What are the latest Precious Pearl Jewellery pieces in the collection that everyone’s eyeing lately?

Truly gives you a magnanimous feeling of wearing exquisite and precious freshwater pearls. Each design has a unique inspiration behind it which makes the collection so much more special.

As you explore this collection, you get to see the diverse ranges of products to pick from:

  1. Reminding you of the beach and the shells you love picking and a true testament to how precious pearls are unearthed as they are naturally cultured oyster pearls.The Silver Seashell Pearl Pendant is one of the most loved pieces from the latest collection that you should check out!

  2. Giving you wings to fly is this Silver Dual Wing Pearl Necklace, another must-have from the latest collection that makes your dreams come true with its winged design elements and the drop pearl charmer.

  3. The Silver Starry Pearl Stud Earrings make you dream of the starry bling. Add a pearl onto it and you have your jewellery that spells only sheer elegance. Wouldn’t you want this from the latest collection?

Experience the magic of pearls for yourself and give your jewellery collection an upgrade!


1. Which pearl is good for jewellery?

Freshwater Pearls are one of the best pearls to be used in jewellery because of the durability and wide variety of options available.

2. Is Pearl Jewellery expensive?

The cost of pearl jewellery depends upon the kind of pearl being used and the finish of the jewellery type- silver, oxidised silver, gold, or rose gold.

3. What quality pearls are used in GIVA's jewellery?

GIVA pearl jewellery has freshwater pearls that are fairly priced and lustrous.