Collection: Nose Pins


Fashion and styling comprise a lot of things, and one of the most important branches of this section is the implementation of jewellery and how it helps in completing every look that we don. Be it our everyday look, formal looks, or party looks - the last finishing touch is always added by our choice of jewellery that we adorn ourselves with.

Out of the various types of jewellery that we seem to indulge in, having a gorgeous nose pin that serves as the perfect finishing piece is quite a hit accessorizing must-have today.

Saying that, let us explore what an ideal nose pin collection should look like and why it’s an eternal favourite jewellery trend.

About Nose Pins

The most alluring thing about fashion and styling is its ever-evolving tangents of glamour. The trends wheel keeps churning as we hop from one chic style statement to another and get really struck by the diverse ways of adorning them and looking like an absolute head-turner.

Nose pins for women have been a jewellery trend for eons now. Ever since the inception of this style - nose pins have always been associated with Hindu traditions which makes it an extremely culturally influenced piece of jewellery. Be it for any auspicious or celebratory occasion in India - nose pins have been a must-have piece of jewellery that women love adorning themselves with. However, in recent times, there have been plenty of nose pin designs that have climbed up the ladders and completely revolutionized how we wear this piece of accessory today. Today, it is no longer restricted to being an ethnic piece of jewellery, but a lot of styling is done with western outfits as well.

A lot of people might be unaware of it - but nose pins have some health benefits for women as well. It is believed that nose piercings have a certain impact on strengthening a woman’s ovaries which further has a good effect on the sexuality of a woman as well as instills a lot more favourable conditions of child birth in her body. Interestingly, there are a lot of Indian customs or traditions that fixate on getting nose piercings done when a girl is about to get married.

Why buy nose pins from GIVA?

GIVA as a jewellery brand has always comprehended the styling needs of its valued customers and that is precisely why its designs are so loved. Their diverse range and modern designs of nose pins are perfect for everyday wear or some quick styling for a jazzy party you’ve got to attend. Either way, GIVA has got you covered with varieties for everyone!

Following are some key aspects that highlight the beauty of GIVA’s nose pin collection. It actively plays a role in ensuring a long-lasting shine and impeccable quality, have a look to truly believe why GIVA should be your go-to destination for nose pins!

  1. 925 Silver with Rose Gold/ Golden/ Silver plating

  2. AAA+ quality zircon stone/ Impeccable quality of coloured stones

  3. Perfect for sensitive skin

  4. Comes with the GIVA Jewellery kit and authenticity certificate

Bestselling nose pins

Want to stun everyone with some dynamic nose pin picks? Check out some of GIVA’s bestselling nose pins that would look even more exquisite when you wear them!

1.Silver Coiled Hoop Nose Pin

Hoops are those eternal-style statements that one can never get tired of! Be it your earrings or em’ nose pins! Hoop nose pins have been quite a rage in the fashion domain because of their versatile usage - pretty much amps up any basic or glam look and make them a notch higher! Considering how GIVA is always updated with the latest trends, check out their Silver Coiled Hoop Nose pin!

2. Rose Gold Clover Nose Pin

For that enchanting touch to your overall look - there’s nothing more precious than the rose-gold hue! GIVA’s Rose Gold Clover Nose pin has been one of the bestselling pieces in this category for the longest time because of its exquisite design and elegant shine! Wouldn’t you want to own this sparkling piece?

Types of nose pins

GIVA truly delivers as it promises, therefore it comes as no surprise that you can find diverse ranges of products in any category of jewellery you want to explore. Owing to its brand identity of minimal and aesthetic trinkets - the nose pins are a perfect charming touch to finish off a diverse range of curated looks!

1. Hoop Nose Pins

Considering how we girls can never get enough of hoops - having a hoop nose pin is a must in your nose pins collection. The Silver Coiled Hoop Nose Ring will become your go-to favourite in no time because of its simplistic charm!

2. Stud Nose Pins

A classic piece of jewellery can never get monotonous or passe! Here is where stud nose pins come in which have been a forever favourite because of their minimalist beauty! The Rose Gold Clover Nose Pin or the Silver Sparkling Heart Nose Pin is as precious as the gorgeous zircons that have been exquisitely placed in these designs. Be assured to look like an absolute stunner in these!

Latest nose pins in the collection

To get a beatific experience of all that goes into curating the latest nose pin designs - check out GIVA’s Nose Pins Collection! There is something for everyone with their eclectic spread, have a look to find your pick!


1. Is the nose pin attractive?

A nose pin adds an extra something to every look of yours and makes your face look slimmer.

2. Which metal is good for nose pins?

The best metal for a nose pin is sterling silver which has 92.5% silver and 7% copper making it durable and long-lasting.

3. Why choose silver nose pins over gold?

Silver nose pins are better than gold because of a more affordable price range, a variety of styles and less maintenance.